Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If You're Happy And You Know It....

I had a lovely long weekend.  And as you all suspected, I did as little as possible.

I did make an appointment for massages for next Sunday.  And there were some really good dog walks with much sniffing about.  

And I saw crocuses, daffodils and phlox opening both in our garden and in our neighbor's.

I had several sweet naps and did much spontaneous cleaning. 

Oh and a little clothes shopping and many grocery stores.  

An hour with the trainer and 5 hours with a pork shoulder.  

The dog got a bath and the cat got a blog post.  Not fair cries the Lab, but then I remind her about the pork bits.

I read the Sunday NYT and the new Cottage Living.  I bought the March Martha Stewart magazine and admired the photos of Marie and Vincent and the cat on pages 104-105.

I've read you're not happy unless you know you're happy.

I know I'm happy.  This is the sound of two hands clapping.

xo jane

P.S. I just remembered the point of the post: next Monday is Flowers In The House. Everybody say yeah? 

P.P. S.  And how much are we all loving the 10 Things List?  Wonder who's
coming up this week......


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend. Daffodils, food, reading, and naps. I love naps...

  2. Hardly sounds like a quiet weekend, either. sounds like you were very busy!

    I'm in for next week - somehow!

    glad you're happy! xoxo

  3. I like your trainer to pork shoulder ratio.

  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend- and absolutely game for flowers in the house x

  5. A very nice weekend. Busy, but not too much so. And lots of naps, you say?
    Although I still don't have mr linky down,I will try again for flowers in the house. I have a few lovely things blooming around my house, too.

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend.

    Have you changed your diet at all to go along with the training?

  7. Flowers in the house..I'm in! Your long weekend was a success! Any good shopping?

  8. What a lovely weekend. Isn't nice to have Spring in February? So what happened to the pork after 5 hours?

  9. Jane,
    What an upbeat post to get my day going and that does sound like a perfect weekend...Flowers in the house...you know I would never miss out.

  10. Yay for the return of flowers in the house. I'm ready!

    I was a little confused about that 5 hours with the pork shoulder. I have friends with frozen shoulder syndrome, so I was at first wondering if pork shoulder is anything like that. Then, oh. The (dim) light came on. You were cooking the pork shoulder. Got it. How did it turn out?

  11. Oh God you all make me laugh with the pork shoulder references....then again I guess I asked for them!

    Urban Cottage, Um it doesn't sound like I've changed up my diet much if I'm cooking the pork shoulder BUT we are eating 100's of more salads for dinner and lots of healthy snacks ie: cheese sticks, apples, nuts...

    Amelia and Sharon,Pork shoulder delicious. GG did a dry rub with paprika, cumin, s&p, sugar and chili powder. Yum.

  12. Perfect weekend! Busy and relaxing - my favorite kind :)
    So happy you got to recharge a bit... I'm clapping my hands over here for you!

  13. Sounds like just the weekend you needed! You know I always figure I'm happy if I am not unhappy!!!!! xxx

  14. It's good to know that you are happy. See you on Monday, love Linda x

  15. Yay! I hope this weekend is just as happy for you. Sun is shining over here in Ireland and Spring is in the air. Looking forward to Monday with flowers in the house. Sinead x