Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brand New World

 Hello?  Are you still there?  I've missed you.

Where is everybody?  This baby business is tiring.  Short on sleep, short on blogging time, eating too much carryout, taking fast showers, no long indulgent baths.....and we're only the Aunts!

What must it be like to be the parents and be responsible for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

My (was it really 10 days off?) vacation is over.  I started back to work this morning and a day full of arranging flowers and bridal appointments and delivery times for  party work seems like a Caribbean breeze compared to my holidays.

Life and death is not a buffet piece for a party no matter how important the guests.  Attending a birth certainly  realigns one's priorities. 

The idea of a new year is never stimulating enough for me to form a resolution.  But a new life?  I'm thinking.

I'm thinking of changing up the diet a little bit.  Eating more plants and fewer animals.  Healthier for us, healthier for the planet and probably easier on the pocketbook.

I've just treated myself to a copy of Plenty the vegetarian cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi.  Do you own this, have you seen it?  It could inspire the most devoted meat eater to lighten up.

 I was just paging through the book waiting for my pics to download and am so inspired I have to rush off to the kitchen to see if I have the ingredients for garlic soup and harissa.

I have just moaned aloud.  This will not be too great a sacrifice me thinks.  Happy New Year!


  1. Hello Jane

    That cook books looks spectacular. I will be heading to Amazon to check it out.

    Happy to hear of the baby's safe arrival. Aunts are very important to the baby.

    Helen x

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  3. Ah, Jane, no one inspires one to turn the difficulties of life's changes into big Party like you do. I am also checking out this book. I often get stuck in a boring food pattern. You never seem to! It's cold!

  4. Im still here. Quietly reading away. I am suddenly feeling very hungry though?!!! Sinead

  5. happy new year jane. play the non smoking off the vegetarian diet...good move! xo

  6. I could totally be a vegetarian if someone cooked for me. I think good vegetarian food takes longer to prepare although I'll probably start a war of comments by making such a statement publicly.

  7. I have see it and it is a beautiful book. I bought it for my mother for Christmas and now I want one of my own. Happy cooking!

  8. I think Steve is dead on. We ate wholly vegetarian for about three years and I felt like I spent my life either in the kitchen or finding the next recipe. Way too much work for me. also, I thought I could have unlimited cheese. Apparently that was a error ....

    Glad things are good with the new nephew. Aunts are VERY important! xoxo

  9. There is just no way to explain the exhaustion of having a baby until you've been through it. Just tell them it gets better around 6 weeks.

    That book looks lovely. I was a vegetarian for many years, though I gave up for my meat-loving husband and sons. Steve may right that preparing a good variety of veg meals takes long in general--especially with rice, grains and beans. But you preparedevelop your staples just like meals with meats. Tonight we had a potato mushroom frittata with steamed carrots on the side. Easy and delicious.

  10. Helen, Thank you for backing that up about the Aunts! Tonight when talking with the mother we could hear Emil crying for us in the background. Well us or food....

    Shelley, we live to eat. If one of us is stuck the other one cooks. It's damned cold.

    Sinead, Happy New Year to you and your family. How's puppy?

    Janet, you think? Stay warm!

    Steve, You are totally right about the food prep. It's much easier to grill a flank steak,toss a salad and eat. Luckily for us I do two things very quickly: read and chop. Not together tho'. Trouble maker.

    Denise, you must get it, then we can compare notes on such delicacies as Greek pancakes with lime butter. Oh God.

    Webb, apparently we all need to hire ourselves a good domestic chef. One who keeps the cheese under lock and key:)

    Jen, Thank you, it's good to have something to look forward to. Week 6 it is! Frittata's are show stealers.

  11. You might also want to take a look at Deborah Madison's Greens Cookbook. If you're serious about the veggies:).

  12. Jane,

    I do not have this cookbook, but every time i see it...It draws me in...at least the cover is so beautiful!

    You do sound like the most devoted aunts! Very sweet.

    Cheers to the New Year and the baby!

  13. If you are feeling this way about new a new baby, than I am certain you have been an incredible help.

    Jane, you always write so compellingly.

  14. Excellent choice for inspired cooking- whenever I feel jaded about cooking, I turn to Ottolenghi and that excitement returns- happy cooking! x

  15. And do try Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's Veg Every Day. All very tempting.

  16. I have the book, but it's a different edition. the photo on your cover is, however, one of my favorite recipes. if you're a fan of eggplant, I recommend!

  17. Oh, how I remember that tiredness, but somehow with a baby around it is bearable!! UK daughter's brother in law is a vegan so have sent the link for him to look at the book it looks amazing. I need to try the cover dish!! xx

  18. That's a stunning book. Just made the garlic tart and am thinking about bitter greens and eggs.

  19. I'm still here too. The book looks good but I just know that I'd never make anything from it - too lazy!

  20. Probably a great book for you, Jane; you sound like keen cooks. I gave my copy of his previous cookbook away, as I couldn't cope with a million ingredients per recipe.

    Lucky you, being an Aunt.....

  21. Can't get enough of Plenty and Yotam's energy and good looks:) are enough to keep it top of the pile for me. Try the Green Bean Salad with mustard seeds and tarragon. Enjoy being an aunty to the little cutie.

  22. That book cover is beautiful but Steve is right vegetarian is soooo labor intensive (no pun intended), maybe you can do it gradually. You might also look at the Moosewood Restaurant Book, or their website which has a bunch of yummy recipes. Emil is a very lucky little guy with such a loving family.

  23. Looks like a fabulous yummy book!!
    And many many congratulations to you both you lovely Aunties - so pleased little Emil is here at last. It will be a wonderful 2012 for you all. x

  24. Happy New Year Jane! I haven't seen this book, but it looks and sounds lovely. I have to be careful though as I am a bit addicted to cookery books. I was a vegetarian for 2 years, but the smell of bacon cooking made me stop. I do enjoy vegetarian food and occasionally a good steak or roast.
    I wish you well with your resolutions, and can we have pics of the new baby please? Love to you, Linda x