Sunday, January 8, 2012

Through The Looking Glass

If you have idly wondered what happened to me, you would be forgiven for assuming I was in the kitchen feverishly chopping vegetables for our new diet or spending endless hours oohing over the little elf.

You would be incorrect on both accounts.  Damn.

Life has been work-zumba-dinner-sleep-work-gym-dinner-sleep-work-well I think you get the picture.

Today has been taking our house back: back from December.  The tree has come down ( and you didn't think I was going to write a new post while attempting to ignore that elephant in the room did you?) Hours have been spent vacuuming up the fir needles and maybe we have indulged in some wild card weekend. Sorry Lions.  Next year!

And after this hello I'm off to the shower , then off in the car to Kensington, Maryland  to visit the newest member of the family. Tini has provided us with daily picture updates but we're very excited to have and to hold. 

Tomorrow I'll be able to resume my regular blog visiting schedule.  I saw a yummy recipe for red curry chicken here, a 10.00 challenge there....and I need to know how Shelly is recuperating from her surgery.

 I hope you're all enjoying your Sunday as much as we are.  Here's to a day off spent feeding your soul and your stomach.

xo jane


  1. have a wonderful day love! i've been gone so i didn't even know you were. hahha. xo

  2. Don't you think that someone ought to offer de-decorating services? I'd pay, right now, $50 for someone to come and undo my tree and put away the ornaments.

  3. Did I hear you say Go Giants? I didn't think so. Felt bad for the Lions too. Do you have a regular blog schedule? Should I have a regular blog schedule? How do you like Zumba? Why is this comment full of questions? Have fun with the little guy.

  4. I'm still finding fir needles and the last boxes of the decorations are going up the hill to the shed in a few minutes, it does feel good to put December behind us. - Enjoy your visit with the sweet little bundle! xo

  5. Another collector of marbles! Just like me.

  6. Have a good Sunday.....I love getting the tree out of the house...

    I haven't read your blog for very long so I am not sure who Trini is? Is this a relative....

    Hope you get lots of snuggles with the baby.

  7. Janet, well gone so to speak, not "gone" like you. No I did that backwards, incorrect use of quotation marks!

    LPC, Yes I do, I might up it to 75.00 but then again my friends do the decoration so the least I can do is.....

    Jen, No you didn't but truly Go Giants! You whooped some butt today. Better keep that momentum for next week:) Yes I love zumba. It's fun, it's fast it's a sweatshop for dancing. I try to blog at least 3 times a week. If I don't I actually miss it. funny, no?

    Sherri B., We did , hopefully new pics tomorrow.

    Toffeeapple, so we both have all our marbles. Correct?

  8. Hi Jane: Just wanted to tell you that I love your photos. I always connect with them! Also, thanks for making Chris feel so loved and happy with your lovely Christmas tree gift. And finally, Chris told me you loved "Midnight in Paris" and of course I did as well. In fact, I bought a copy on e-bay for $10.99, new and in great condition.
    Have a wonderful week.

  9. I hope your Sunday continued beautifully and that you got lots of having and holding! xx

  10. Isn't it a great feeling to get your house back after the holidays...your photos today are perfect...I recently saw that book, Modern Vintage...I need that. Enjoy your visit and holding that new baby...oh how wonderful!!

  11. that dried up tree of mine was down before News Years Eve. My littlest pheasant was barely finished unwrapping her gifts and I was pulling off the xmas balls. I just couldnt take it. Here's to a fresh and clean start in 2012. xo

  12. oh my goodness, i have been away too long in hiberntaion to find that i just blogged about Zumba and Plenty. This is some extroadinary co-incidence.

    Clearly we are soulmates

  13. Nice to "see" you Jane, if only for a moment! I tried Steve's curry(the minute I saw his post my mouth started watering) and it was FABULOUS! And easy. Wishing I had a baby in my life...someday, I guess.

  14. Great snaps. The photo of the bowl was confusing me..I thought it was balancing?!!! Doh! Im off to check out the chicken curry. Our house feels so roomy with the tree gone. Glad to have you back.Sinead x

  15. I swear there's something wrong with my Google Reader. I didn't see this post until someone told me you blogged about my chicken and biscuits and I went looking for it. My apologies for missing it and thank you for mentioning it.

    Hope your transition back to work is going smoothly.