Monday, December 5, 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Last week was crazy.  This past weekend was crazy fun.

My friend Larry was in from New York.  He's recently discovered his inner athlete and has begun swimming competitively.

He's a sun and fun kind of guy and over the years has taken me to the beaches of Capri and Nantucket, I've spent summers in Fire Island and winters poolside in Palm Springs with him but rarely does he come down our way.

He owns a gallery in Chelsea so a visit usually entails a museum or two.  But not this visit.  It was all about food and conversation and swimming.

Saturday night was a restaurant in DC.  Sunday was supper at home.

We hung our wreath and roasted a pork shoulder a la Cubana, which entails a marinade complete with lime, orange and lemon juices, a jalapeno or two, garlic, shallots, olive oil and parsley for us, cilantro for you all.  Then brushed with a hot pepper jelly for the last 15 minutes of roasting.There was acorn squash and beautiful black kale sauteed with onions , garlic, red pepper and olive oil and topped off with a splash of balsamic.

 We fluffed the house and brushed the Lab and let a few bottles of wine breathe.

 The Lab had a huge grin wrapped around her big rawhide bone. Larry is all about ocean and sand to her too.

Next Sunday the tree.  The following a visit from our garden mentors and then?  A baby?

December.........looking up.


  1. Could Ihave a pork sandwich to go, please? Sounds amazing.

    Since you're going down the list of Christmas songs as post titles, I thought I'd challenge you with Good King Wenceslas.

  2. I love your understated wreath.

  3. all sounds lovely. except the pork thing. esp love the wreath!

  4. Sounds like the perfect weekend with a great friend. Capri? I'm jealous.

  5. Larry sounds like a fantastic guy! Good to hear you had such a great time together!

    Happy day,

    Madelief x

  6. Your wreath is just gorgeous Jane. And that pork sounds sensational. There is nothing like the company of good friends, good food and great conversation around the table. Have a great week!

  7. Pork sounds and looks delish and authentic...and I should know since I am does the rest of the meal! Love your wreath, did you make?

  8. I'll skip Porky, but love the wreath's little peace sign among the magnolia. Perfect for your Small but Charming house.

  9. lovely wreath and lovely larry by the sounds of him!

    hope december keeps panning out so beautifully. xx

  10. I never thought to glaze meat with my pepper jelly, I think I must try that.

    Sounds like Larry is a good catch...even the dog loves him..that's a good sign..

  11. I’m stealing that pork recipe, Jane. James and I have been back for a week now, from our honeymoon to Cuba as one of the first groups to go legally under the new provisions allowing for limited American tourism. Best trip ever, and I am homesick for the amazing meals in the paladares of Old Havana.

    Keeping my eyes out for a stork carrying a baby…

  12. I love the branch of berries. Looks like it was once part of the poster behind it! And the wreath is so pretty.

    Glad you had a good weekend. It sounds like you need all the recharge time you can get these days!

    Hope you are feeling well. xoxo

  13. Steve, I see the glove and I pick it up! En garde!

    Lucille, thank you. glitter at work home spun at home!

    Janet, Thank you:) We're back on salad.

    Jen, I know how lucky am I? He's going back this summer but GG and I didn't hear an invitation...

    Karen, you would have grilled it I bet and then it would have been doubly delicious!

    Amanda, I know, I can't seem to stop smiling! 2 great dinners, 2 fun nights. Ahhhhh.

    Amelia, Gracias. No on making the wreath, just decorated it. I'm no good with wire! But I'm good with an oven.

    Shelley, again sorry you have to see the pig. But glad you like the wreath. GG said it needed a little bit of gold. Peace is golden.

    Belinda, Larry is lovely. I think I can get through the weeks if the weekend continue to be so lovely.

    Razmataz, he is a good catch....for a guy:) Def use the pepper jelly soooo delish.

    Carrie, wow, you got married when? And you got to go to Cuba? I'm so jealous. The recipe is from The Open House Cookbook by Sarah Leah Chase, her black beans are over the top too.

    Webb,We did thank you. And I al trying to slow down whenever a moment presents itself. Enjoying every deep breath my body lets me take.

  14. I love your Peace wreath and wondering if you made it?

  15. Hi Jane, you sound in jolly good fettle today! Isn't it lovely when someone you love comes to stay, and the house is sitting pretty, and there's good food and drink. You just can't beat it. Love the sound of the Pork shoulder. Your wreath is simply lovely. Many thanks for your visit and encouraging words. Have a great week, love Linda x

  16. Why is it that your food always sounds and looks so magnificent? It is going to cost me a fortune to keep coming for dinner!!!!!!!

  17. Both the pork and the wreath look fabulous.

    Leeann x

  18. That shoulder suddenly made me terribly hungry.

  19. A baby, huh? I can not wait to hear all about it. Karin/

  20. I love your wreath and also the little arrangement in the last photo, ...the art work, the berries in a jar tied up with a little raffia and a simple candle on a book...just love it!