Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yeah I'm A Wanderer......

Work was a whirlwind yesterday.  Besides our normal orders, Betty and I put on our  annual December program for a DC Garden Club.  In the shop, surrounded by customers, ringing phones, we did a quick tour of 4 states and our interpretation of  their holiday flowers.

I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of My New Orleans " creepy Christmas" as I refereed to it only to myself and B.  But it was in a black urn, dripping Spanish moss with grey flocked branches and smokebush, almost black hypericum berries, burgundy kangaroo paws, silver brunia and a few white roses, an ornamental kale and tall tallow berries.  Love. Strangely enough it sold instantly. Usually these are just for show.

And B.'s take on a Charleston, South Carolina Christmas flew out the door also.  A clear glass compote lined with green moss and filled with magnolia leaves, blooming camellia, cotton, hydrangea, cypress and pittisporum.  Swoony.

We left Charleston and took our tour group down to Miami where  I did  a citrus inspired arrangement in a vintage cookie tin.

And then where to you wonder?  Why, Palm Springs,California, of course, for a wreath created by the always creative Betty with an air plant or two, a handful of echeverias, pepperberry and several kinds of eucalyptus.

Travel weary we paused for lunch, then bid the ladies adieu till next year. 

46 more states to go, at 4 a year, this gives us 12 more years of garden club presentations.

Hmmm, maybe we can start squeezing in 5 states a year.  I don't think I have another 12 left in me.


  1. How beauiful. I love all of them and they would enhance any home.

    What a creative group you are.

    Congratulations on your four states.

  2. What a great idea to do different states. I'll bet North Dakota will be a lot of fun.

    Can you whip up another New Orleans one so we can see it?

  3. I can grow flowers, but designing such imaginative arrangements is totally beyond me. I admire your ability, and your eye for detail.

  4. So creative! I am jealous to the core. All I want is a handful of flowers to stay in an arrangement for three days or so.

    A great marketing idea, tho. Get some sleep and a glass of wine - not in that order! xoxo

  5. WHAT? You are such a champ! Your shop must be slamming. What a great presentation for the holidays. I bow in reverence.

  6. I don't know how you come up with such original, spectacular combinations over and over again. - I would have loved seeing the 'creepy' New Orleans one!

  7. That is such a cool idea. Very creative and inspiring!

  8. Forget the rest of the States I think you should do countries!!!! You could do one for...I don't know...maybe, perhaps, Australia!!! I'm just saying!!!!!!

  9. And what about Europe; would you not start on Europe next for your International Credibility, which is surely at least as High as your willingness to Join In The Spirit of Things? Mind you, it would be ok to have a little liedown first.

  10. Ooooh nice. How about New Jersey, the GARDEN state, lots of fauna & flora...not at the moment though.