Sunday, November 13, 2011

Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Sunday morning, downing my iced latte and chomping away on an apple.

I have just wasted the better part of an hour writing a post lamenting the lack of time in my life. If you would like to read it go to edit posts and open.

Right? Blah, blah, time change, workload increase, hours at the gym, dinners to be cooked, books read, baths taken, blogs perused, holidays coming, girlfriend time, dogs, friends and family.  Same old story of love and glory. Delete post. Add more images from Wednesday's party.

Today looks glorious with highs in the 60's. We have a baby shower to attend for Tini and Nirmal (sister and brother in law).  There will be champagne, samosas, flowers by yours truly, the usual international community of fencers, climbers, South American beauties and their assorted offspring. Pictures will be taken.

I ask you , when did I have time to smoke?  At 11:00PM tonight it will be two weeks since I last indulged in a lungful of nicotine.  I must admit though, every afternoon at around 4:00 I would murder for a smoke.  That's my time of want, of need.  Do not come by the store then, if you ask me how I am I'll tell you. This is why I fly away to the gym. Burning desire erased.

Enough of me.  Let's all enjoy out Sundays, not worrying about the time that's flying by but enjoying every moment we're living in. Delete nagging thoughts! As our manic dancing machine Zumba instructor says, "Smile, let out those endorphins".


  1. Love the frostiness of that first arrangement.

    Save me a somosa. They're one of my favorite things in the world!

  2. you and me sista. time is flying! i'm taking a break right now from writing a post on relaxing. hahaha. i do feel more relaxed though reading this. i'm so freaking proud of you jane for stopping smoking. seriously proud. and you only want to kill someone once a day. you're way better than me already. the flowers are gorgeous as always. and please explain to me your last comment on my blog b/c i don't understand it. did you write it around 4pm? jk.


  3. Jane, you are doing such a great job! First you counted days, now it is weeks and soon it will be months..and on it goes. - I remember all to clearly 'my' 4:00 times, after a meal, when I had a drink/s, and when talking on the phone (back in the olden days when the phone had that pesky cord on it). - It sounds like you and GG will have a wonderful time at the baby shower, the flowers are lovely, as usual. xo

  4. Lesson acknowledged . Those are some gorgeous arrangements. Have to go now and break down yesterday's chuppah, clean out rabbit boxes and teach a class. Today's lesson? Acknowledged, not learned, yet!

  5. Hang in there, Sister. You are doing so well. So proud of you. A little bit of dreary complaining is allowed now and then

    Enjoy your shower and the lovely afternoon. xoxo

  6. It's not a good day unless for some very small part of it you feel that you have all the time in the world. Even if you have to disguise yourself or hide in the attic to achieve that. Maybe you should do a daily 4 pm post to amuse us, no, I mean to vent those feelings?

  7. I do not know where time flies, but if you find her will please ask her slow down a bit. I'm trying to catch up. Applauding your continued success!

  8. Two weeks! Think of them as the hardest time, and that it can only get easier now.....

    If it's any comfort, I and my visiting friend Tricia are on a mission to lose some weight. The first two weeks are the hardest time too, and we're not quite at the end of week one.....

  9. Your flowers look beautiful Jane! I hope you enjoyed the baby shower today?!

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  10. Voicing support. It's worth it. I have a loved one who needs to quit. I am waiting though, he has to decide on his own. Your flowers are beautiful. Here's to Sunday afternoons, and the light on sofas.

  11. Your recent posts have some beautiful and inspiring bouquets.
    I love the little peeks at your cat.

  12. Two weeks!!! You know, when my kids were little I called 4:00 the witching hour. There's something about that time of day...which is why I appreciate the British ritual of teatime. Instead of a ciggie go for a cup of earl grey, a cucumber sandwich and a cookie or piece of gingerbread. A scone and lemon curd will work too.

    Fencers, climbers and international beauties?

  13. Ha, yes, we should all delete more posts. I did that last week.

    Time. Disappearing incrementally.

    Congratulations on your smoke freeness. Sat strong. I have NO idea how hard it must be to quit - I'm essentially lazy and I think that's why I never got into drugs, I knew I'd have to quit and knew the work would be too hard!

    Well done. Aluta continua.

  14. Sometimes it is just the writing it down that helps. I've written and not sent many letters...

  15. One day i will wrote a book based on the posts are still sitting in the edit column.

    Mainly aaimed at the men in my life, sometimes at other people in the industry, and others like yours just a "why aren't there 36 hours in a day, and "i am not superwoman"

    I owe you a massive email.

    It is coming.

    2 weeks, you are amazing.

  16. Jane, congratulations on reaching the 2 weeks mark. You are allowed the occasional rant and rave! Your flowers are beautiful, especially the lovely frosty one. Keep up the good work, love Linda x

  17. I wrote that time one too but it got pushed out by my latest one on having too much stuff! do you suffer from that too? Came here via Rachel at slow lane life and like it a lot. Fab photos.

  18. I love that: spent the better part of an hour writing a post complaining about the lack of time. Isn't that so what we do sometimes? But a good cathartic rant does refresh one now and then, don't you think? I do my best rants in my head in the late afternoon (come to think of it, around 4 p.m. or so, and I never smoked!). Fortunately, by the time my husband gets home, I announce that I'm in a crabby mood and then realize that I no longer am. Still, he gets a mini earful, just so he knows what's eating at me. Then he makes dinner. Happy ending.

  19. Gode billeder.
    Smukke blomster.
    Tak for kigget.