Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Acts Of Kindness And Senseless Acts Of Beauty

10 days Camel free.  I think it's time to tell you how I came to stop smoking.

How did I  even come to start smoking?  I grew up with a father who couldn't seem to stop.  He switched from pipe, to cigar to cigarettes and back again. I hated the smell, I hated the smoke  But then one year I moved to Nantucket and stayed thru the winter. No boats, no beach, only bars and smokey ones at that.  I caved and eventually craved.

Came to stop: on August 30, a Saturday, I walked out of the shop to have a cigarette. From out of nowhere appeared a man on a mission.  I can help you stop that he said.  I blew a cloud to the side of his head and said oh yeah, how?

Pick a day 3 months from now.  That would be October 30th.  Then start telling everybody that is your stop date, your last day of smoking.  Tell friends, tell strangers, tell everybody, pretty soon you will come to believe it yourself.   And you'll stop smoking.

I thought this was a wonderful idea.  I immediately rushed over and  told my smoking buddy from the frame shop about my stop date.  That guy's a psycho, he told me.  A psycho with a good message I said and I kept telling everyone for 3 months.

The rest is herstory.

And speaking of her story, a big thank you from the lab for all your kind words.  She is healing rapidly, smiling broadly, thumping tail furiously and happily chewing away on her BIG rawhide bone from her good friend Christine and occasionally partaking of a Frosty Paw treat from a well stocked freezer. Today is her last day of antibiotics, Monday her staples come out. 

The Lab and I are two lucky ladies:)


  1. So happy both you and the pooch are doing well.

  2. Everything in life is better without cigarettes ... I'm thrilled that you did this. (sure wish my brother would get this message.) Great news about the lab, too. It's undoubtedly the great care that she's receiving that's doing the trick ... Frosty Paws helps, too.

  3. Hello Jane:
    Such a good news post accompanied by a lovely flower arrangement. What could be better?!!

    Happy days!!

  4. Sounds like good news all around. Toasting your success and puppy's healing......with coffee. (I'm sure it is 5:00 somewhere, but I've got to run off to school)

  5. Ten days, good job!!! The three months idea is brilliant..looks like it is working for you. - So good to hear Nika is doing such a good job too. xxoo

  6. You never know who we come across that will have such an impact on our lives...sounds to me like he was a gaurdian angel.

    Stay Stong. :)

  7. Love the advice and that you took it and it worked for you. And the flowers--the deep burgundy contrasted with bright white and those wildish greens--very inspiring! And I am so happy to hear how well the lab's recuperation is progressing.

  8. On February 10th, I'm going to become an athlete. And hot!

    Lovely flowers. Lovely.

    Happy to hear about dog. Happy.

  9. Great news from both you an Nika! It's nice to hear something positive for a change. And those roses look like velvet, hmmm!

  10. Dear Jane,

    Such a happy post! Good to hear Nika is feeling better and you are still a non-smoker!

    Love your flowers :-)

    Happy day,

    Madelief x

  11. jane, i love the way a chance encounter like that has made you quit. i think sarah @ yellowhouse is right he could be your guardian angel.

    also loving the dark and light combo in those arrangements...very nice

    L x

  12. I hope you get to meet that man again and tell him that it all worked out. Well done to you for making his words true, and keeping them true.

  13. Hi just home from work and able to read comments and make a correction. My buddy Christine pointed out to me if August 30th was my day of revelation i still had 30 days to smoke. I got all excited for a minute then realized it was July 30th. Damn. Not really...

    And Steve from Urban Cottage, looking forward to seeing the new you on February 10th.

    Maybe come down and hang with Andrew for the next 3 months?

    Though we're pretty sure you're already smoking hot.

  14. Can you feel the vibes from Blighty? I'm rooting for you and the lab. Well done both. (And I'll be tuning in on Urban Cottage on Feb. 10th as well!)

  15. I have failed you miserably. While I am NOT a health educator, I have worked with them for 20 years and learned a thing or two. One is that setting a quit date and telling the world DOES work - at least it contributes significantly. As does starting an exercise regime.

    You've done it right so far. Keep up the good work and keep sharing with us. You are doing great! xoxo

  16. Some people would have told that guy to mind his own business, but you, with your open heart, listened. I am so happy you followed his plan.
    Kisses for Nikka's knee.

  17. Honest words: I am ridiculously proud of all of you!

  18. Whatever it takes, Jane! I am so happy for you. I've been there. I know it isn't easy. But's it so good to be a non-smoker. So, so good.

  19. this is a great story.
    i am happy for you.
    ya' think it would work for me?


  20. I love that story and that you were so open minded about the strategy and just went for it.