Saturday, November 5, 2011

Heavy Metal Musings

What would I do without you all?  When I run out of words you send me a poem.  When I need a smile you send me pictures of your bunnies and laughing dogs.

You reply on my daily facebook status, you send me emails and write the best comments full of love and laughter.

An Olympic contender should have this much support.

 To honor this I have remained smoke free for 5 WHOLE DAYS!  I've gnawed on endless carrots, crunched into many apples, bit into nut after nut after nut, guzzled bottles of water, lived at the gym and taken a Zumba class, covering myself in laughter and sweat.

Everyone at work has been very kind ( or they're very afraid). I've told my pharmacist, my bank teller and if I had a piano teacher I'd tell her.

Pros: My skin is glowing.  My heart beats strongly.  I have saved 35.00 so far this week.  Autumn smells delicious.  I no longer stand outside of work smoking a Camel and apologizing to the people  walking by from yoga class.(imagine the shame?) Now I'm only outside to take pictures of flowers. Or just to breathe.

Cons: On Monday, my first day of non smoking I signed up for 40 more training sessions at the gym.  40. What the hell?  It was pointed out to me this costs less than my yearly cigarette habit. In my condition this made total sense.  So I signed.

I think that's the only con.

I thank you all. I didn't know if I could do this.  It's unbelievable to me I haven't had one puff in 5 days and I'm happy about it. I don't harbor resentment, I don't feel that something precious has been taken from me, I don't feel as if I deserve something "fun" to do. I have often felt like this in the past and plotted the day I could sneak a secret smoke.  Today I found a cigarette in a jacket pocket and almost tripped over myself getting to a trash can.

This had been edited and written the morning of day 6.  Who know what stresses lie ahead, but i intend to crunch my way through them.  And save another 7.00 in the process.


  1. Stupendous news.

    40? Don't accidently crush GG when you give her a hug or anything will you?!;)


  2. Do they have a special Olympic event for gym participation? I'm just loving this story. Just loving you, Miss Janey Lou.

  3. oh jane i'm so proud of you! i just knew you had it in you. i'd like to thank YOU for always leaving me wonderful comments and emails, etc. 40 more sessions. wow. you are going to be CUT!

    have a great weekend.


  4. Laughed out at ...and if I had a piano teacher...

    You definitely get an A+ in Phys. Ed. this semester, Missy. You are really working to your full potential.

    I'm not sure that these beautiful little bouquets need the chain and keys but there's something really interesting about the juxtaposition. Very interesting. I think I'd like to see a nosegay wrapped in chain. That would be really cool.

  5. Go for it, Jane! You're doing so well, and I've been creased up with laughter at your previous personal trainer antics - looking forward to 40 more!

  6. Jane, you're doing wonderfully, and I suggest you reread your heavy metal musings at the lowest point of every day to keep you going. You deserve a piano teacher.

  7. Hello Jane:
    What a feat! You are doing so well and, how wonderful, that you already feel better for it. That is a reward in itself.

    Was chain smoking on your mind when you created these pretty arrangements? Or, perhaps,they will become an unchained melody when you sign up with a piano teacher!!

  8. So very proud of you. And, happy for you. This is a tough one and you are doing GREAT!! Good thoughts coming your way. xoxo

  9. Also, 40??? are you freaking crazy? xoxo

  10. 40 gym sessions? You don't do things by halves, do you!

    I am hoping that one day you'll find that you haven't had to eat/drink/exercise in such a driven way because you will have become a real non-smoker. (It took me a long long time to stop hankering after a cigarette whenever I had a cup of tea, but one day, it just faded. I'd stopped.)

  11. So happy to hear that you are smoke free on day 6.

  12. You sure do have the chains that bind contained and pretty things are coming from it! I am very proud of you! - I just thought of something, I still find myself, after two decades plus, holding pencils, pens, a cigarette, on occasion...weird. - Hope Nika is doing well today. - Have a great weekend, not long now until the dreaded 'first' week is behind you! xxoo

  13. You go, Lady! Here's to every single day getting a bit easier.

  14. Congratulations!!! You are breaking the chains that held you prisoner of a bad habit. I do love you are already seeing and feeling the benefits of giving up smoking. Beautiful arrangements, as always.

  15. Wow, you are doing great, and what gorgeous tributes (or maybe inspirations?) are those flowers rising from the chains.

  16. Good news Jane!! I hope it will get easier soon. Your bouquets look lovely. The blue one is my favourite!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  17. Jane!

    So happy for you! That's a major accomplishment...and 40 more training sessions...geez...that's commitment! I love the way you write...your piano crack me up!

    Okay...loving these arrangements in front of the white brick. How creative...keys and chains...would not have thought of that, but I guess that's why you are the artist!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  18. That's great news Jane! Doesn't it feel great to be free, that alone makes it happen. You are going to be fine and clearly quite fit!

  19. As I sit here reading you I have the cigarette clutched in my hand and the smoke dancing across the screen!
    Since Easter my smoking has doubled and I so, so want to stop!.......
    10 MINUTES LATER.......
    OK cigarette now out, pack thrown to the pack of the pantry and I will see how I go!!!!xxx
    You will also note that I have hidden my name as I hate people knowing I have this dreadful habit. How bad is that!!!!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous, Believe me I know how you feel.

    If you don't want to announce your habit to the world, and these is no reason you have to, tell a friend. ask for support, shoot me an email.

    Get a plan in place. It's not all will power here, it's a powerful drug addiction that is v. difficult to break.

    Good luck. Keep in touch. remember I smoked for a 100 yrs. and no matter how much i want a cigarette now, I still feel better than when I smoked.