Thursday, November 3, 2011


Much goes missing in the world of nicotine withdrawal. Parmesan cheese is gone until it is found in the drawer with the plastic wrap.

At work the word balloon is gone and replaced with umbrella.

Also a request for pink and purple flowers, I sent oranges and greens instead. 

I'm sorry we are temporarily unable to hold that thought.

But today is the beginning of day 4 and if I don't smoke again I never have to feel as bad as I did on day 1,2 or3. And that seems like a good tradeoff.

Today GG starts a new job.  Hurrah, hurray.  And the Lab goes in for her surgery. (I've been waking up since 4AM worrying about this).

Tini and Nirmal will be taking her to the surgery so she spent the night with them.  And we skyped with her.

She was quite worried that no more food would be available after 8:00PM.

We are quite worried we won't see her until Friday after work.

But not worried enough to smoke.

Everybody hold on.  Drink a lot of water.  Chew endlessly on carrot sticks. Live in the gym.  Take a long bath every night and go to bed early. And send up a thought for Nika.

Remember: if it was easy nobody would smoke.

xo jane


  1. Awww...thinking of your sweet lab. And you. A big day in your household. So proud of you--wish I knew how to make it easier.

  2. Congratulations on day four, Jane!!!! Congratulations to GG and sending good thoughts to Nikka. The whole family is getting better and better! Thanksgiving will be a joyous holiday. xoxoxShelley

  3. It;s a bit like losing weight. If it was easy no one would be overweight. I am really proud of you for quitting. So hard. I do know lots of successful quitters. My own father was a 2 pack day man and quit cold turkey.

    My dogs (labs) had a few surgeries and OMG did I worry. I do hope your pooch does well and a speedy recovery. For labs one of the hardest things is NOT being allowed to have breakfast the morning of.

  4. What nicotine replacement therapy are you on? I didn't miss the cigarettes at all. And, I have just completed a year of being smoke free. Do you see anyone to report on progress? It shouldn't be such a struggle for you, poor thing.

  5. Best wishes to Nika for a speedy recovery.

    Congratulations to flwrjane on this new beginning. The first few days are the worst, you will feel so much better next week. Hang in there!

  6. Thinking of Nikka, and I am so proud of you, wish I could do it too!!! Is day four any better? Perhaps now is just not the right time for me but oh I so want to quit!!!!!! Good luck GG xxx

  7. Thinking of Nikka.

    Knowing YOU can and will do this.


  8. Sending sympathy and good wishes to you all! What a stressful time you are going through. x

  9. So cute, the preoperative skyping! Best wishes to Nikka!!!

    Congrats to GG and mucho kudos to you!

  10. you're rocking on jane, i'm rooting for you all the way...x

  11. Hello Jane:
    As each day passes, nothing can be as difficult as it was at the start. We applaud the efforts you are making and know from the experiences of others how difficult it is to give up smoking.

    Things are so stressful at the moment with the very natural worries about your dog that it must be very tempting to slip back into your old ways. But you will get through and when you and the dog come out of the other side of it all, just imagine what fun you will have and what an enormous sense of satisfaction will reign!

  12. It seems really rough. I feel for you. Go girl! You've got what it takes. Sending additional strength your way.

  13. Hope Nikka is ok
    and well done you on getting to day 4

    You are doing great.


  14. If you can hold off the cigs whilst your hound has her op you will have beaten stress as a reason to smoke. You are winning - keep pressing on! xxx

  15. Heaven knows you have a most remarkable support system surrounding you, but since I do live in the area I just want to say that if you need anything please send out a messenger pigeon and I will be happy to help. Belly rubs to all three of you, so to speak.

  16. Oh my Jane....what an endeavor to stop smoking. I have never smoked...but my wonderful husband did. He quite cold turkey....much like you are doing....the first year we were married. Only downside was that he became addicted to chewing on tooth picks. LOL LOL

    He is over that as well now....thank goodness. Gentle thoughts going to that sweet pooch of yours.



  17. Sending good thoughts for your sweet pup and congratulations to you and GG. You will regain your thoughts I am sure. And personally...I love orange and green. Bonnie

  18. Good grief, Jane, what a bad week! So proud of your three days of quit - so hard, but so important. Love for Nika. Sorry she had to have the surgery. Will be thinking good thoughts for you both xoxoxo

  19. Hello Jane

    Congratulations on 4 days free of nicotine. I can assure you with each passing day it gets easier. Chewing on Cinnammon sticks helped me.

    Sending prayers for Nika and perhaps reward her with a meal of chicken livers (Spice Girl's favourite) on the weekend.

    'YES, YOU CAN'


  20. Oh dear, I left a comment really early this morning and now I don't see it...I must have screwed it up somehow and I can't use quitting smoking as an excuse. Anyway, good job on 4 days. I remember the first week being the hardest. Don't forget, one foot in front of the other and one day at a time. - Your Nika is in my thoughts and prayers and our dogs, Maggie and Jack are sending their love and prayers too! xxoo

  21. Love to you all, and especially to Nika.

    When you read this it will be day 5. Day 5.


  22. Happy day 5, and goodbye to that difficult old day 4. Maybe more blog posts, as part of Keeping Busy? We are delighted to hear from you on all of these difficult days, if you're not too busy looking for the lost things.

  23. I do hope your lovely doggie is OK.

    It's day 5 already - you can do this!

    Louise xx

  24. Just loved your opening salvo.

    Beautiful writing.

    Good luck, Nika!

  25. Oh boy, I feel you. I've been there. Took me years to kick it. You will do it. Kisses to you and the pup

  26. Hey Kiddo,

    Hope the pup is doing well. (And you too.) I just tossed a Liebster award your way. (See my blog for details, but feel free to ignore it if you want. I think it's weird that there are all these blogger awards that make you do something. Like you have to earn the award after you've earned the award. But this one is kind of sweet. And you deserve it and can just take a nice hot bath and revel in your glory if you want.)

    x Jen