Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sore And Sorer

So I've started working out with a trainer.  He's my height, less than 1/2 my age, and a wrestler.

He loves Bridesmaids ( not to flog a dead horse ) by the by.  Saw it opening weekend with a buddy and just watched it again with a date Friday night.  Cooked her dinner, then the movie. He's seen it numerous times he assured me. ( I'm just setting up our instant rapport here)

I had hoped for gentle introductory session working out chest, triceps and core, taking into account my age, the fact I haven't lifted a weight in about a year, and the 4 hours I had spent working in the garden before going to the gym.

 He showed no mercy.  GG was training by herself and later told me I was making strange noises. Grunts, groans, whimpers I'm not sure but yes, there I was, making noise in a gym.

Tonight my pride is hurt, tomorrow it will be my chest, triceps and abdomen.  Please don't make me laugh for the next two days.

No, really, I mean it.

Then Wednesday I'll be back for legs and cardio.

Thank God I could only afford to sign up for 6 training sessions.

Please send no money.  6 sessions are plenty.  Trust me.


  1. You're the customer. If you want to sit in the gym and knit and snack on assorted nuts, you sit and knit and snack on assorted nuts. Isn't that how it works?

  2. I won't send money, but maybe a "champ" t shirt.

  3. I’m with you on the trainer. I have been training for a 5k and finally my knees have given out.

    bone surgeon said my workout sounded like boot camp.

    I’m a follower.

  4. hi jane,

    i'm sure as the day wears on you will be hating him. i'm kinda loving him this morning though.


  5. Ye Gods Jane, you are going to be a lean, mean, non-smoking machine! I am properly impressed.

    I joined a gym when my youngest was about one, desperate to reclaim my midrift and have some me-time. I tended to drop him off, go the cafe and read The Tmes, sipping blissfully on a latte. Often the hour was up before i had left the cafe!! oh the shame, I am not a natural gym bunny!! Totally worth the money though.

    I am feeling like I have got to up the ante at the moment, swimming is my torture of choice. We will be svelte by Christmas, we will! xx

  6. Oh, I need to do something also...just turned 50 this year and everything is heading south...trouble is I hate exercise...(I've only just become worldly enough to admit it)!! Good luck, the second day is usually the worst for soreness. Robx

  7. Hi Jane,

    Sounds interesting!

    Is he goodlooking?!!

    I'm not really a gym person
    but I suppose I should be.

    Keep saying maybe ...........

    Hope you are not too sore now!

    Keep up the good work.

    x Fiona

  8. Jane,

    You are just rocking it out with all this impressive helping yourself stuff!

    I am sitting here at work feeling immense guilt that:
    1. I did not take the pups for their walk this morning.
    2. I am reading your blog during work.
    3. I thought the raunchesque vibe of Bridesmaid's was secretly delightful.

    Kudos to you and all you are...

  9. Mise, I want to go to the gym with you. Sounds more pleasure than pain.

    Shelley, send me a Detroit Lions tshirt- 5 and 0 baby!

    Cindy, Good God, that is horrible. Glad you're following, I know you feel my pain!

    Janet, Why oh why didn't i just go back to yoga? It's 3:30, please tell me I don't have to lift another heavy vase....

    Belinda, yes we will dammit! Swimming sounds like a bit of heaven. But of course I have no lungs for it at the moment. You can join Mise and myself at the anti gym!

    Steve, Right?

    Robynne, Yes second day. As you can imagine, slumped over the computer screen as i write this, I CAN'T WAIT for manana.

    Fiona, I suppose he would be considered cute but he looks like Satan to me. Get thee to a gym lady, share the pain!

    Julia, Nobody can inspire guilt in another better than someone with 13 yrs of Catholic education.

    feel the shame!

  10. I feel your pain, no really I do! Have tried the gym route several times and never got past the pain part. That is NOT a recommendation to you.

    Do try the aerobics classes, tho, once you are thru with the sadist. I really have found that I can enjoy - yes, I just used the word "enjoy" in a comment about exercise - my jazzercise, and even miss it when I am away more than a couple of days. Once you know more about what you need to do to accomplish your goals, maybe you can vary the workout a bit and not kill yourself one body part at the time.

    Sending you healing thoughts. xoxo

  11. jajaja, Jane! thanks for your comment! all my team and I discussed about the title of our post! And you have given us the answer! We've changed! THANK YOU FOR YOUR ALWAYS CLEVER COMMENTS!

  12. I have always believed that trainers, no matter how cute and friendly they may seem, are really sadists at heart. They bond with one only so that they can later break one.

    But I am in awe of you for signing up for six whole sessions, and I am reminded of just how lazy I truly am! xo Gigi

  13. Brilliant. Now I know what to get you as a belated birthday present ;-)
    Lots of muscle love, Tini

  14. hahahaha! I've often wondered, as I wander around the gym every morning, why do people pay other people to do this to them? Karin/lifeinsmallchunks.blogpot.com

  15. You're so funny! and very brave....

    We'll be thinking of you, next 5 sessions x

  16. Way to go! I admire anyone who goes to the gym because I don't have it in me to do it myself!

  17. I'm proud of you Jane - think of it as doing it for the team - because gyms and I, we don't go together at all.
    Pilates is my thing!