Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Is No Place Like Home

For those of you who appreciate my honesty, here's a little more.

We have had the most cranky making weekend ever.

Last night we made the mistake of watching Bridesmaids.  Who thought that bathroom scene was funny?  Not us.  We spent half the movie cringing with the sound turned low and by the end I just felt dirty and had a bit of a migraine.

Today was a beautiful warm sunny day.  Much time was spent going from gas station to gas station.  Is there no more gas to be bought? Also from Starbucks to Starbucks: the Army 10 miler starts and end in our hood.

We hit several overpriced antique stores and an understocked Whole Foods. ??? 
"Home GG",I cried and off we flew with the dog crushed against my rib cage. 

And indeed there is no place like home.  Weeding, hoeing, mowing, not quite sowing but getting ready for it.

I have dirt encrusted fingernails, a wild head of hair full of dust and possible spiders and that much sought after attitude of gratitude.

Nice to be able to start your day over at 3:00PM.  And v. important point: even though I'm still smoking ( 2 more weeks) a cigarette does not make a bad day any better. Please remember this.

Now I'm off to soak in a delicious honey bath.

And to hide the remote:)

Please tell me your weekend has been blissful.


  1. I was on the same wavelength with Bridesmaids last night. I think the whole bridal gown shop and bathroom scene was to appeal to the guys to got dragged to the movie by their girlfriends. But you have to admit, the projectile vomit was really well done, right?

    I also went to a few antique stores and came home with two green vintage bowls. I need more bowls like I need a whole in the head but I'm a sucker for green. I'm going to start a prop rental business when I retire. I'm going to bag groceries Whole Food and rent props out of basement. Let me know if you ever need to rent any bowls.

    What's up with no gas thing? I've never heard of such a thing. At least since Nixon.

  2. Yeah, I didn't think Bridesmaids was funny. Steve's right: the gross slapstick was for the reluctant guys.
    Maybe we'd have to be 20 to get it.

    Weddings all weekend. My bliss? Dinner and a glass of Albarino, and the fact that I didn't have to break down today's wedding. Gillian was in charge of that. Bless her.

  3. Good English I have with the "whole" in my head.

    20? I think Shelley's being kind. More like 12.

  4. Steve, I did think the plane scene, and that was totally me on the loudspeaker "authentic Colonial garb"
    was funny oh and when she was trying to get the cop to help her at the end...or maybe I was just so relieved it was almost over I was hysterical?

    Never too many green bowls. I like your retirement strategy. I have no hope of retiring, being a florist and all, so maybe I can move in with you and keep the bowls stacked appropriately?

    Shelley, Weekend of weddings, my neck hurts in response.

    Am looking forward to seeing what you did with all that silver though.

    feet up. Pour yourself another....

  5. Unfortunately, or sounds like fortunately...I haven't heard a thing about Bridesmaids. I missed all the 'fun' apparently.

    Don't know about blissful....I delivered two weddings in the middle of a windstorm, watched the Cornhuskers come back from being down 27 points, had the most delicious tomato basil bisque EVER, bought a fabulous antique lamp and had to listen to my husband gripe for hours after I painted it white and now I'm settling in to watch reruns of something mindless. All in all, it was on the edge of blissful! :)

    Hope the bath was good at least!

  6. I know that "get me home!" feeling. Sometimes it is the only way. I hope your honey bath is helping you soak all your cares away.

  7. I think some days we are just meant to be at home. I will give Bridesmaids a miss, thanks for the heads up.
    Have a great week

  8. well i loved the movie. i saw it in the theatre and can't wait to rent it. i have no idea what this says about me.

  9. Sarah, I think your weekend sounds pretty heavenly, well except for the windstorm deliveries and the griping husband. guess we've all got something,right?

    Denise, It was delicious. i wanted to drink from it:)

    Helen, Absolutely correct and usually we don't venture too far away on Sundays. Now I know why.

    Janet, What does this say about you? Judging from the Boston Commentators you're either a 20 year old boy or a 12 year old girl (with really fab boots).

  10. Never even heard of Bridesmaids--what planet do I live on? Sorry about your yucky endless day. Love the marigold. Did you ever see Monsoon Wedding? Indian Weddings=marigolds.

  11. I'm not feeling at all bad right now that I haven't seen Bridesmaids, and probably never will.

    Loved Monsoon Wedding, though. Yes, all those marigolds. And the henna bridal party—delightful.

    I'm glad you got a lovely soak in the tub, there's nothing like it. Especially on a warm afternoon with a soft breeze coming through the window. I hope it had the desired effect.

    Here in Minnesota we are enjoying a slightly-too-warm-but-I'm-not-complaining October; got a bit of work done in the garden, followed by dinner on the patio.

    Only my knee is complaining.

  12. I sincerely appreciate your honesty. There is no place like home. I enjoyed reading alone.

  13. It's often a mistake to leave one's house and face traffic and junk marketed as desirable goods and people who are in a hurry. Much better to bake a cake and eat it. Or indeed to garden, you who are not as lazy as me. That dust in your hair really suits you.

  14. Bits of the movie I found funny, overall I was disappointed. Tired of movies in which women fight. And there's nothing like a good wrestle with the garden to improve one's mood.

  15. Sunday evening watching PBS Mystery is a nice alternate to whatever else is on television- especially the lovely Inspector Lewis series! And then there's Poirot,Miss Marple,and a really good new Sherlock Holmes- check it out.

  16. Hi Jane,

    Your few hours in the garden sound hilarious! You are right, there are lots of spiders at the moment.

    Haven't seen bridesmaids yet. I am not sure yet if it is the sort of film I like.

    Happy new week,


  17. Oh dear I think I must be a 20 year old boy. I really enjoyed 'Bridesmaids' (yes, all of it!)Either that, or an uncouth Irish girl.
    You do sound in very bad fettle. I hope you are feeling a little happier now? Love Linda x

  18. Total non sequitur:

    Missed all your recent posts, including the stopping smoking one. What can I do to help?

    It's tough, but I totally believe in you and if you are ready to do it, you will succeed. Glad you are going with drugs - they help most folks. And support is so key. If you can get thru the first two weeks, you can completely do it. Tell your co-workers to chill!

    Consider yourself hugged - really hard. xoxoxo

  19. a question. This dark plant at the last photo, is a tradescantia? I would like to know her botanic name. Thank you!