Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To Be Or Not To Be.....

I received a text last night that the bride and groom to be had arrived at the lake house and were sitting on the dock enjoying a cocktail.  They were looking forward to us joining them.

I suggested they enjoy the peace and quiet while they had a chance.  But I also thought what  a perfect place for them to be,watching the sun set  and then ambling into the kitchen to cook something delicious for dinner.

I can't wait to join them.  But I won't be joining them for cocktails:)  If you're a new, or just a forgetful reader, perhaps you don't know I don't drink. I did. With great enjoyment and vigour.  But shortly after Anne and I opened our flowershop I realized I had a choice: drink or be a true partner.  I decided to concentrate on my day life rather than my night life.  It was a good decision, one I have never regretted making.

And a wonderful part of that decision was I only lost one friend.  Everybody else was only an arms length away. 

We've continued to celebrate holidays, go on vacations, work together and now, apparently attend one another's weddings.

I  feel v. grateful that I'm available, aware and alive to enjoy every moment of our lives together.

And I look forward to toasting their happiness with a glass of sparking water in hand and love in my heart.


I feel I have to add a P.S. I'm not promoting not drinking here.  I had a problem and I found a solution that worked for me.  I stopped. It wasn't easy early on, but my life got better so much faster it was clear as a bell that I was better off  without it.

Many people in my life drink.  They drink responsibly.  I'm an all or nothing kind of woman.  So nothing it is!


  1. I don't drink either...maybe 2 a year...because I've seen how from others how that enjoyment can cause tremendous destruction. Good for you!
    Have a wonderful time - it sounds like the perfect escape. Anything romantic is perfect!

    thanks for your comment on my post...I've been thinking about the "victim" part of it. I need to take that to heart more. :)

  2. I don't drink either. Love that chubby little Orangina bottle with the flowers in it.

  3. Enjoy the wedding
    Great flower arrangement

  4. I choose not to drink. It makes me hot. Immediatley. And then I don't sleep at night.
    I don't think I'm missing anything, if I am so uncomfortable.

  5. Sarah, You are a lucky one to take it or leave it:)

    It's easy to fall into a victim role, I've done it many times. Now I don't it's too uncomfortable for me. You too I bet. xo

    Jen, I love everything in your store. Trade you the Orangina bottle?

    Helen, Thank you we will.

    S&Z, Smart move, I would have dragged a fan around with me!

  6. I think we already knew you didn't mind other people drinking. Just have to read those posts to Miss P!

  7. I don't drink either. But I did. I drank because I liked it, it was fun at the time and it made some things go away...for awhile. I got bored with it and it became a problem and I said "good bye" and that was it. I'm very happy without it and don't care if others enjoy it...But I do remember how gooood an ice cold beer tasted after a hot afternoon of yard work..Oh well. xo

  8. Well we are a wonderful group of non drinkers aren't we!!!!!! It just makes me violently ill so only did it once....now if I could just give up the fags!!!!!!! xx

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  10. Well, I have nothing to say but "good for you."
    I come from a family of alcoholics and know first-hand its consequences. Unfortunately, I see my sister and brother headed down the same destructive path and thank god I don't have that problem. I applaud you for your decision.

  11. Good for you Jane.. you were strong enough to take that decision. I used to be able to drink quite alot when I was younger but since having children its usually just a Pimms in garden for me and then I'm asleep on the sofa by 7 :).. love the little arrangment in orangina bottle x

  12. That's such a wonderful thing to share. Your candid post reminds so many of us that it's a terribly common situation to find yourself in. I think we all can identify either personally or because someone close to us was in the same boat.

  13. Only reinforces my belief in how smart you are. While I still do have a glass of wine frequently, I totally support your choice. Isn't it nice that we live in a world where we can choose and mostly be left alone about it.

    Enjoy the wedding! Am going to one myself this weekend, so will think of you, too. xoxo

  14. I only drink a little, and one of my best friends is celebrating 2 years sober, and i am so proud of her... and you!

  15. I applaud your strength. Enjoy your trip!

  16. I too applaud your strength. I do enjoy a glass of wine as the sun is setting over the ocean...it's a part of the day my husband and I look forward to. But like this week he is in NY all week, just me and the kids...so no wine. It's good to take a little break from time to time or forever if that's what needs to be. It's great to read something like this and reflect...thanks!

  17. Thanks for this. I remembered. Now I haven't had a drink since May 9th. I'm very happy.