Sunday, July 10, 2011

An Independent Woman

It seems to be a quiet weekend in blogland.  I've been locked in at work for the past 2 days doing weddings and parties.

My weekend consists of today because I'm going in to work Monday.  One designer and the owners are on vacation.   I'll work thru Thursday and then GG and I leave for Lake Ariel in Pennsylvania where one of my best friends gets married on Friday at her family's summer house, under a full moon.

We'll bring the bouquet and a boutonniere for the groom.  Big fun roses and mini sunflowers are the requested flowers.  She's big fun herself.  A tall redhead who's favorite color is orange.  A fabulous cook and baker, seamstress and all around problem solver.  " You know what you ought to do?" is her favorite way to start a sentence.  More often than not she's right.  This has aggravated me for many years.

We had a business together in the late 80's ,early 90's. The two of us, with help from an constantly revolving cast of friends, could " knockout some work" as the redhead puts it.  We knocked it out with music blasting and friends going on coffee runs, writing cards, answering phones and occasionally doing deliveries for us. 

Then I got divorced and the recession got to be too much for us.  We closed American County Flowers and I went to work for the shop I'm still with and she runs her own floral business out of her home.  She also works one day in the shop with us because, apparently, I still need to be told what I need to do.

She's a very independent woman who was happy as a single woman, dating on occasion, "Cause a girl's got to eat" but content as could be in the world she had created for herself.  What a shock to all of us but mostly her that she met such a wonderful man and will marry him in less than a week.

He too  has a million projects going at once, loves to cook, has 4 grown children from a previous marriage who think she hung the moon.  Even in the midst on moving her VERY full apartment into his small house, they have time to plant 16 tomato plants, throw parties, build a greenhouse and plan a wedding.

It will be interesting watching a 50 something woman adjust to a long term relationship with a constant companion.  There are even grandchildren to  factor in.  And the question of what would she like to be called.

I can assure you it's not going to be grandma!

More will be revealed, to her and to us.  But as all her friends say,  we now know there truly is someone for everyone.  Just keep yours eyes wide open and your hair colored.


  1. I just learned a few things.

    1. Based on what you've told me previously, you would have been 4 years old when you had a business. Quite the little entrepreneur!

    2. Maybe it wasn't GG that hung the moon after chopping up stumps for ambidextrous grilling?

    3. I need to get some "Just for Men."

  2. Love this post, because I have always believed there is someone for everyone and because I love a happy ending and this is!

  3. Steve, Omg I thought you knew I was joking...If I was in my 20's I'd be posting pics of myself all over the blog.

    GG did hang the moon, just not his or his family's. of course now that they're getting to know us...

    Just for men has us jajajaing away here.

    Sherri B., I have always there can be a series of someone for everyone because we change so much as we mature. At least I did thank God. But yes this is a very happy ending. Yahoo!

    S&Z, Thanks:)

  4. I have a friend that sounds like they could be the very same woman! If you ever need your very own cowboy Jane shirt, she can whip one up in a heartbeat!
    Have a WONDERFUL time...friends like her are true treasures.
    and watch out for the sister is one and boy can she steal the show!!! :)
    be safe, be good and have fun!

  5. What a wonderful post. Your friend sounds truly original and your description makes me feel I know her, but of course, I do not, however, a friend comes to mind who is also a very original woman and has found someone who loves her for what she is.
    Great news and have a wonderful time

  6. "keep your eyes open and your hair coloured"....that is a quote and a half. brilliant xx

  7. "A tall redhead who's favorite color is orange" sounds like someone else we both know, lives with a famous black cat. Reads as if you have a big-hearted weekend coming up.

  8. You have the best collection of friends! I hope you post some pics of the wedding and one of you and GG would be FABULOUS!


  9. Aw what a wonderful tribute to your friend Jane. Congratulations to her and I hope you and GG have a fab time at the wedding. Love Linda x

  10. "married in a summer house under a full moon"

    that just stopped me dead in my tracks !!!

    what a DREAM !!!

    kary and teddy

  11. Steve is such a sleuth! And a pie aficionado ! I'm guessing you have so many wonderful friends because you are so wonderful yourself! Is age sleuthing allowed? I'm sunk!

  12. I bet her being quite content with her own life is a big part of what made her attractive. Confidence, it is magnetic. I have the feeling you know all about this ; )

  13. Great post...sounds like a fun gal...I'm sure you'll have a blast at the wedding! Robx
    p.s. my house looks like a morgue at the moment...dead and dying flowers everywhere...have to do something about it today lol.

  14. Wonderful. Hope you and GG have the most fantastic time at the Wedding. Am sure you will and no doubt help out a bit on the floral front too. Pics please!!! And LOVE your last sentence :) xxx

  15. Thank you for beautiful comments! I put your blog in my blogroll list! THANK YOU! kisses!

  16. How wonderful, you made me smile! I need to do more of that soon!
    Have a wonderful trip and I hope we can expect to see wonderful wedding photos! xx

  17. You're quite a teller what to do yourself, Jane - your closing advice is perfect. Your legion of wide-eyed and hair-coloured fans salute you (and wish the redhead well).

  18. Absolute vintage SbC! Top post Jane, you say so much in a few perfectly chosen words. Mrs Verbose over here could learn a thing or six from your writing! Just lovely images of moonlit promises and strident redheads... xx

  19. Funny post Jane, you always make me chuckle. Your friend sounds like a wonderful character, I love it how in America you can get married where, when and how ever you want, it just dosn't happen here... hope you and GG have a great time, lots of pictures please :) x

  20. Lake Ariel is less than an hour from our house in Shohola...but we'll be Alaska next week. Hope you enjoy the trip and the wedding.