Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Pie Stands Alone

Thank you all for your cursory reading of my last post, I know you want to get to the meat and potatoes of our 4th.  And apologies to my vegan/ vegetarian friends because there was meat, and a grill and lots of heat.

 You have to overlook the quality of the photos. Imagine me ducking between groups of laughing, talking people, carrying platters of German and Spanish sausage to the table, the inevitable hamburgers and our specialty, baby back ribs that had been dry rubbed with an assortment of spices then slow cooked for 2 hours in a 300degree oven.  Just a few turns over hot coals and they are ready to eat.  There were bowls of German potato salad, my black bean and rice salad, grilled corn, its husks all black and steamy ready to be pulled off and the tender corn underneath waiting to be slathered with butter, S&P and eaten with many groans of " This is the best corn I've had this summer". 

Needless to say, keeping hordes of hungry people away from the table while I took a few carefully posed photos was a no go.  I got the ribs, I got the corn and then I got out of the way.

After hours of messy eating we cleaned ourselves and the table and walked up the hill to watch the fireworks. Many complained of feeling a little "full" and the short walk there and back was a struggle.

But once we had returned and the bowls of watermelon, plates of brownies and ice cream, and the piece de resistance, the blueberry pie were placed on the table, the complaints were forgotten. Appetites mysteriously returned.

We sat back down and ate some more and told tall tales surrounded by panting dogs, loud neighborhood fireworks and watched over by the first moon flower of the summer.

If I ever don't have a party again on the 4th, I'll do it with the same people, in our yard, with 2 grills going and labs begging, glasses of basil lemonade and bites of juicy watermelon.


  1. Wow! It all sounds so nice ... Thanks for sharing ... my mouth is watering, lol!


  2. Your photo of the pie is alluring!, sexy even! I was sure Miss P would be the first to comment ..especially on those juicy looking ribs!

  3. That pie looks delicious.That crust has just the right flake

  4. Oh I want to come to one of your parties... it all sounds wonderful! :) x

  5. You know what, your blog gives me these really wierd Incredible Hulk moments, when I feel myself turning into a green-eyed monster and wanting to mutate temporarily from being a Brit in England to a Yank in Arlington able to attend a SBCh meal involving fire. And then i do something else and the feeling subsides!!! Sigh, you really spoil your guests. yours in a hissy fit of envy, Bxx

  6. for somebody that didnt have a party, you really went to a lot of effort, and what efforts. I am famished now, and have already eaten lunch.

    I want ribs.

    I dont think you get them here.

    Also we call them gladioli with an i.


  7. The pie looks fantastic....but then so do the ribs and the corn. Sounds as if you had a fabulous unparty. The best kind. You girls just know how to have a good time. Hugs! Bonnie

  8. Oh, my god. I'm having trouble commenting again! I'm signed in and it thinks I'm anonymous. I hope THAT problem is back!

    It IS BACK. I just had to sign out and enter everything manually before I could comment!

    Anyhoo, who made that pie? The crust looks perfect! Is it lard?

  9. Oh my gosh, I haven't had blueberry pie in so long... It looks delish! I want some.

  10. Blueberry pie is a favorite here. Nice photo of the moon flower.

  11. hey...that looks like my corn !!!! we bbqed it looks so good...and that pie gets the BLUE RIBBON !!!!!

    kary and teddy

  12. Well you really know it was a good party when you want to repeat the whole thing over again next year. The ribs and pie look scrumptious! Glad you had a good 4th July, Linda x

  13. Sue, I knew you and Miss P. wouldn't sleep till i gave up the food:)

    Shelley, I know I'll have to give her a shout out.

    Comeca, Totally flakey and tasty.

    Deb, I wish you would, you could do the flowers.

    Belinda, you know you'll be here someday, then we'll paint the garden red!

    Miss P., that would be the plural, see I was so shocked when I saw the picture my fingers started to stutter on the keys.

    You'll come, we'll eat, and then with greasy fingers we'll try and write about it.

    Bonnie, Thank you, and yes we do in spite of ourselves!

    Steve, I thought you were just being sarcastic! Is it only on this blog? Tell me NO.

    Denise, you could prob make a delicious one. Me? No baker here but good eater.

    Sizzle and Zoom, Peach pie comes a close second for me, maybe first. But oh that blueberry...

    Kary, correct it was a Blue Ribbon winner. I'll have to award them one next time they visit. Good thinking, thanks.

    Linda, I don't think we'll be allowed to cancel it. We're too close to a good firework viewing hill. Only way out is to leave town.

  14. I wasn't kidding. But cough up the details on the pie.

  15. Steve, our boys from the farm Goff and Chuck made it. We'll be there on Saturday night and get their secrets. Promise.

  16. Drooling at the ribs. DROOLING!

  17. Yum yum yum and the pie is the 'PIE-ce' de resistance.. well I certainly wouldn't have been able to !!! Seems as if you had a wonderful day. xx

  18. I found your blog while reading another and glad I did, I enjoyed the visit. Yummmm, everything looks so good.

  19. That pie looks heavenly.