Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An Alternative Universe

I needed a quick nap after work and the remains of the blueberry pie before I could sit down and read your latest and write one of my own.

Happy July 5th, a great day.  All I had to do was show up at work and arrange flowers.  Yesterday, since we were not officially having a party we could just chill.

No need to pick bouquets and place them around the house. Or vacuum, dust , and clean kitchen and bathroom.  Why bother, the housekeeper comes on Tuesday.

Totally not necessary to drag the table and chairs and umbrella and lights out into the garden.

Eight people can eat comfortably on the little patio.  Oh, the numbers went up to 10 for dinner and 3 more for dessert?

No worries.  As soon as GG finishes mowing our lawn and our neighbor's, she'll run across the street and borrow  a grill so she can cook ambidextrously. 

Better go and borrow an extra cooler because here comes Mark ( thought he was in Pakistan) with several cases of beer. Thank God we  doubled up on the ice. Might need an extra chair also because it's starting to look like we'll be feeding eleven.

  Oh, you brought your dog!  I was worried we would only have one hot breathed lab pushing its beseeching head between our legs at the table.

Better now.

Next up: the food we would have eaten if we had a party.

In the garden.  With friends and family.  On the 4th of July.

xo jane


  1. Ah, I've just spotted the chair I'd surely have sat on Had I Been There. The magnificent one in pink and white, which you have been cruelly concealing from us for so long and even now are partially concealing with flowers. Would you ask GG to move them a bit to the right so we can have a closer look?

  2. Nice flowers, lovely mix of chairs.

    Now get to the food.

    Yours, impatiently.


  3. Sounds like your 4th was exactly what it's really all about.

  4. Your non-party sounds fabulous! Think of how dull life might be if your house wasn't the favorite hangout spot. It's gotta be the yard...the gardens are beautiful!

    When I come, can I pull that pretty pink chair outside?

  5. Absolutely the Best Sort of party.

  6. Yes, get to the food already!


  7. Sorry I missed it! Does GG sleep? Blueberry pie? Yum.

  8. Looks and sounds so perfectly imperfect! The best kind of party.

  9. I'll get GG was cooking on the stump wood that she chopped up yesterday.

  10. Mise, when you arrive you will sit in that chair and only that chair. We will carry it everywhere for you. henceforth it will be known as Mise's chair.

    Miss, P., If I had done the food first no one would have read this post...I'm sneaky that way.

    Sherri B., it was, including being bombarded by fireworks. Constantly.

    Sarah, absolutely you can, if you can get mise off of it!

    LPC, I like the sounds of that. May I borrow?

    Sue, hold on, in a second. Now you know how I feel about your kitchen.

    Shelley, You and Steve could have come together. He could have diagnosed the kitchen ceiling problem and helped pick a slipcover fabric for the couch. You could have helped us make it pretty and eaten pie.

    Jen, exactly and there were masses of food so no one went home hungry. Actually as ever, no one went home for a long time. There may still be some people about...

    Janet, please, you had the prettiest 4th of July imaginable. But I would have liked you here.

    Steve, No But she was using the HEAVY stump we dragged home months ago as a utility cart. You are correct, a stump was involved. Perhaps it always will be.

  11. Glad you had a great 4th of July, arn't the un-planned parties always the best :) x

  12. There is always fun to be had at your place!

  13. Seems like some good crazy fun and the yard looks lush and beautiful. Enjoy.

  14. I have plenty of spare chairs so I know for next time!! Sinead x

  15. Yep. I knew there would be more than 8:-)

  16. what a great non-party! I love the striped rug with the pink chair - such a nice "matching contrast". and your garden looks wonderful - oh, that phlox!! xoxo

  17. But I bet it was a blast!
    There's a wee award for you over on my blog if you're interested :-)