Friday, June 10, 2011

And Now, The Weather

While we were rained.  Not the all out thunderstorms, accompanied by lightening and golf ball sized hail that much of the east coast got.  Just rain.  I didn't even hear it.

But when I walked outside this morning the garden was wet, the soil was dark and the leaves were glistening.
That was me you saw down on her knees singing Halleluia.

In vegetable news, the peas are holding on, in this weather I know not how.  The raspberries are ripe, we have hail size onions,  the beans and edamame are flowering and the watermelon is wandering about and thinking about climbing up the fence.  And I spied a tomato.

Two more days of work and then we'll find ourselves in another garden.  This one belongs to our friends Sarah and Mary.  They own a teeny tiny 1860 pink farmhouse that was transplanted onto an equally small triangular corner in Washington D.C. many years ago. This is their first spring/ summer here and the little garden is a constant source of delight.

They will be married under a chuppah.  I'll get to make 2 bridal bouquets and a "halo" for Sarah's 5 year old daughter Parker. There will be the usual cast of female rugby players, many doctors, family of the brides, children and a florist and her GF.

 Love is a many splendored thing.  As is marriage equality.


  1. It sounds like a great wedding. Pink farmhouse and handmade kind of wedding. And yes, being able to marry the one you love is splendid. I am proud that Canada recognizes same sex marriage.May you and your friends have a lovely weekend.

  2. Hello Jane:
    This sounds as though it is all going to be tremendous fun and we do wish Sarah and Mary much happiness. Their house sounds delightful.

    We imagine that you are responsible for all of the flowers - some undertaking - and we do hope that we shall all be allowed a peek at the bouquets once done.

    Have a very happy weekend.

  3. Hmmm.^

    Is edamame a special variety of soybean or is it just the designer name?

    Would LOVE to see this festive pink farmhouse.

  4. Jane... so happy you had RAIN and your veggies are flourishing. Enjoy the weekend and every best wish to your friends Sarah and Mary and I will bet the bouquets are beautiful. Photos please! XXX

  5. "Love is a many splendored thing. As is marriage equality. "

    Hear, hear!

  6. Your garden is so far ahead of mine...I am still just now getting things in. Have a great weekend!

  7. Please take lots of pics at the wedding, k?


  8. Oh Jane how I wish I could see this ! I am planning a lil event this fall;)Shhh. Maybe you can give a lil advice on a simple bouquet!

  9. Cheers to finding a tomato and to equality. Happy bouquet making.

  10. Your garden is blooming! And a tomato you show off!!! Have fun at your friends wedding. Photos of the bouquets would be a special treat for us all. Lots of love from a soggy bijou plot across the pond!!..Sinead x

  11. Don't you just love being in the garden after a summer rain. Everything looks refreshed. The wedding plans sound beautiful. Enjoy the celebrations and show us the fabulous bouquets you create.

  12. You inspire me. Now, I'm going to have to find a way to put a veggie garden on my teeny tiny property.

  13. Blessings to Sarah & Mary. Sounds like the perfect wedding; simple, and in a beautiful setting. Who would not love a pink farmhouse? Cheers to the happy union and have great fun Jane.

    xx Deb

  14. It's just absolutely poured with rain here - middle England / Welsh borders - torrential1 Garden needed it, but perhaps not all at once. OH's cooking supper - using our first broad beans, new potatoes and lettuce :) Abby x

  15. Rain? Really? I am so jealous! Only 93 today and not yet terribly humid.

    Guess DC has moved into the 21st century - didn't know. Virginia is crawling toward the 18th - last I heard. Best wishes to your friends. Know you will start them off well with lovely flowers.

    Happy weekend.

  16. Thanks to all who are sending their best wishes. We were mad busy at work today so I had no time to respond to comments. Hate to work at work!

    Yes, edamame fancy name for soybeans. Funny i never think of them like that. Guess I'm too fancy.

    Of course I'll take pics of lovely little pink farmhouse and the bouquets, try and stop me!

    Skies darkening...more rain?

  17. As is marriage equality indeed.

  18. Jane, the garden looks good! and it seem you gonna have a lot of salads and great meal from your garden.
    What a great season!

    kisses from the winter


  19. Everything in the garden is coming up rosy! Sounds like its going to be a wonderful wedding, love the sound of a pale pink cottage. Look forward to the pics, love Linda x