Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How Hot?

100+ in the shade hot.

Eat a strawberry popsickle hot.

Cut up a watermelon hot.

Feed a few pieces of it to the dog hot.

Give your hot dog a shower in the vegetable garden hot.
Stay inside and change your header hot.  ( Thank you GG)

Look at pics from cooler days ( 95) hot.

And stay inside till dark.


Because it's too darn hot.

P.S. you know what else was really hot?  All of you old and new who came to the house party.  And still keep coming.  Our door is never locked:)


  1. Love the new header! It is wonderful! Sounds like a night to spend inside with some music, a cool supper and a good book.

  2. Your new header is great! The other photos are like I can touch them..Wow! I would love to know how you get your photos that big..Maybe sometime when it is not so hot that your brain is melting.

  3. LOVE LOVE your new's perfectly you.

    It's volunteer to work so you can go in and out of the flower cooler HOT!

    Hope all our flowers survive so we can party again next month. :)

  4. The photos for this post are HOT! I like your new header. It reflects what your blog is.

  5. Phew that is hot - know what it is like too - we did have up to 112 degrees here in Melbourne a couple of years back - unbearable. Love your new header and makeover Jane. xx (good GG -10/10 !!)

  6. Bonnie, you are so right. Tho for some reason GG decided it was a good night to grill pizza. i stayed inside and made a salad:) I'm not crazy.

    Shelley, Me too!

    Sherri B., God don't wait that long, it could be September!

    Sarah, thanks! Don't volunteer in our shop, the air conditioning is broken..cooler is doubly good.

    Steve, You're hot!

    Sizzle and Zoom, Why thank you, compliments cool the room down.

    Sarah, OMG, I can't even imagine. GG says thank you to her biggest fan:)

  7. Wow, is it seriously that hot? I was out on a walk this afternoon, wearing a sweater. Oh, San Francisco. I wonder if I'd even know how to handle a real summer now...

  8. LOVE your new header! And yes you are have sweltering weather. We lived for a time in Great Falls, VA. The year my son was born I remember trying to be a good sport with my 4 year old and taking her and all over DC with a newborn. I used to say it's so hot my eye balls are sweating...I don't know why I said that...but that's how hot it was!!

  9. I know it's only because the grass is greener and I'm not the one suffering through the heat, but I want some! After a very warm May (high 80s - perfect!), the first week of June was down pouring, and now it's in the 60s. I would like my summer back please

  10. Hello:
    It is very hot here in Budapest, unusually so for the time of year, but clearly for you it is beyond belief! So difficult when so hot to do anything. We sympathise!

  11. Your new header is so clever, love how it goes black and white on the writing.

    Being on the coast we never get it really hot here there is always a nice breeze, although we don't call it that in the winter :) x

  12. This is the moment in the year when our climates really diverge after many months of being fairly similar. Can't imagine daily temps like yours, I would get nothing done at ALL!

    (Love Deb's description above of the 'nice breezes' in norfolk btw - just as she says great in the summmer but 'biting easterlies horror story' in the winter!)

    Oooh I do love a good blether about the weather!! Fab header, v stylish. xx

  13. Denise, I remember sweaters! I also remember living in San Francisco many years ago. It was hot in a totally different way.

    Annie, ah you remember it all too well. as I write this my fingertips are sweating:)

    Sara Louise, If I could pack it up and send it you know would. ASAP!

    Hattatas, One must rise before the birds to do any watering. It's just me and the mosquitoes.

    Deb, I know, GG did a fabulous job. I just read Belinda's comment and appreciate your undertatement:)

    Belinda, I thought of you as I was writing this little post. You're my weather girl. xo

  14. Why not book a summer holiday in Britain? it's almost never hot here. Ground frost is forecast for tonight.....

  15. O.K. that's why I adopted a new header; it's too flippin' record breaking hot here too! Several days last week @105* & it was still May. The high 90's feels like Fall. I LOVE your new header, and I love how you remedy the heat. My hot dog gets thrown in the pool and she doesn't fancy it too much. Thanks for your great comment last night. I love hearing from you.
    Stay cool my friend ~ Deb

  16. Dear Jane,

    That is hot!!! Take care, I hope it will cool down soon!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  17. Hi there Jane,
    WOW, that is HOT....we don't usually have it that hot until late July/August BUT, we have been having the most beautiful weather for the past two months now.I have just come back from a friend's where I have done a bouquet for a funeral she is going to tomorrow. I'm not a florist or anything but, I seem to be able to put a country bunch of flowers together !!
    Thank you so much for popping over to see me and leaving a lovely comment. I've followed Mise for nearly two years now and Deb from Dumbwit Teller so, I'm amongst friends over here !!.
    Have a great weekend and will be back soon. XXXX

  18. Love the header - hate the heat! Hope it breaks soon. At least it isn't very humid ... yet!

    Stay cool! xoxo

  19. Jane, I love your new looks fab with the texture over the top. Also your flowers in the house post is just gorgeous. I will get my act together and come and visit next week! Robx

  20. Oh that kind of heat would make me seriously wilt! Love the artsy fartsy header, its fab! Have a great weekend, love Linda x