Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Girls Who Played With Fire ( And Flour)

 Yes, you're right.  I do need to be watering the garden and unloading the dishwasher.  We have just 5 hours until we need to be dressed and ready to go to the wedding.  But....

Did you know that the German Girl is a grill goddess?  Animal, vegetable, carbohydrate, she'll concoct a marinade and throw it on a fire.  This leaves me free to make a salad, pour her a drink and sneak off to do a little reading.

 She was marinaded and ready to grill last night when I realized we had no bread.  No baguette, no pita, no tortillas, no nothing.  And I like a little something, something with my meal. 

A quick internet search and voila, a recipe for flour tortillas.  Yes, this did put dinner off for another hour, but when we sat down at the table with our grilled steak, chopped salsa/ salad and homemade tortillas.....we were dos tranquilla mujeres.

Next time we'll cook them directly on the grill.  I know what girls like.


And fire.

Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. Hello Jane:
    We are overwhelmed at not only your versatility in times of need, but your considerable skill in being able to produce in no time at all such very delicious looking tortillas.

    May we suggest that you abandon all thoughts of the wedding and come here instead?!!

  2. If you're popping over to Jane and Lance, you'd be wanting a stopover with me. Long flights can be so tiring. No need to pack the ingredients in your hand luggage; I'll have everything here waiting and the grill heating.

  3. Call in after your visits to Jane and Lance, and Mise! Love the beginning of your 3rd para -'She was marinaded and ready to grill'....poor girl! Abby x

  4. So, I'll happily wait in line for your tortillas after your stop-over in Ireland, Welsh borders en route to Budapest! Your accomodation is covered for quite a trip, but the tortillas may fill a suitcase rather than hand luggage!! xx

  5. Hmmm, looks like a Grand Tour is in store for us this summer.

    Hattatt's , how is Budapest in the summer?

    Mise, We have begun packing....umbrella?

    Sue, Indeed I am!

    Vintage tea Time, I wondered who would comment on that.....marinated in humidity.

    Belinda, Don't worry, we won't carry on, we'll be making them fresh at every house.

  6. Hi Jane,

    Your tortilla's turned out fine! Have a lovely time at the wedding!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  7. Umbrellas, wellies, fleece, suncream, beach gear and a sunhat - definitely all required for an Irish summer bbq! Im starving and that steak looks delish. Hope the weekend went great for ye. x

  8. Yum, these look just delish!! Homemade is such a difference.

    Have you read The Girl who Played with Fire?

    Art by Karena

    I have an amazing Giveaway from the Artisans at Novica. You will love it!

  9. Food and fire. Now you're talking!

  10. Er, please remember that you invited yourself to my house a long time ago. I have taken it seriously, you know. You may bring GG, of course......

  11. Woa, you are sooo impressive. Looks fantastic! Love Linda x

  12. Oh, how I love me some homemade tortillas! It is the middle of the afternoon, I just had a nice lunch, but that picture is making me salivate somthin' fierce.

  13. I LOVED the comment you left me about the zinc and the chippy pink mirror!! ;) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend~ Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  14. Made the tortilla recipe, Jane. Used 1/2&1/2 instead of milk. The dough was beautiful to roll out, but milk might have made them lighter after cooking.
    Brown rice, pinto beans, fire roasted salsa verde and tortillas! Pretty sweet! Thanks for the recipe!

  15. Looks delicious. I think you better keep posting about cooking and posting delicious pictures of cook outs. You certainly have won over the Europeans, they will give room and board anytime in return for a good grill out or barbeque.

  16. Oh, I should try to make these sometime. Looks amazing!