Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When You're Feeling Sad And Lonely......

Surefire ways to beat the blues:
  1. Get a pedicure in a bright spring PINK
  2. Wash your kitchen windows and let the sunshine in
  3. Put fresh sheets of the bed and fluff up your pillows so it looks inviting
  4. Unpack your box of Pineapple Lilies, Ranunculus Cafe bulbs and pull the plastic wrapping and damp paper off your passion vine, guaranteed to be a perennial in your climate.
  5. Run around the house debating where to plant it, decide to wait for GG to weigh in.
  6. Walk down to your mall listening to country music. Go into shock because you forgot it's spring break and there are 2,000,000 8th graders in the food court.
  7. Run through the food court and go into Nordstrom and buy yourself a new  pair of Jack Purcell kicks in washed out purple.
  8. Buy 2 new books.
  9. Have coffee with a friend.
  10. Look up and marvel.

 11. And say to yourself what a wonderful world.


  1. I love your thoughts and the pink flowers. So

  2. Perfect timing Jane! Thanks for these suggestions too and the blossom looks amazing too. XXX

  3. Sounds like a good day to me ... well maybe not the pedicure ... then again can't say so until I try it. Great pic!

  4. I love you Jane AND Bernie at Small Stump...two souls lovin' life!

  5. Planted my pineapple lilies and ranunculus on Sunday. I got one of the mixtures - pastels, picotee and something else - plus some rain lilies. Hope springs eternal!

    Oh, and bright pink toes this afternoon. We are on the same wave length again. xoxo

  6. S&Z, Thank you! Hard to beat a doubly cherry for quadruple beauty.

    Sue, Skylight Confessions by Alice Hoffman and Three Junes by Julia Glass. Of course it turns out I already read the Hoffman, so I'm reading it again:)

    Semi Expat, Funny we're on different continents but experiencing such similar feelings.

    ONG, hey, there were 2 men both getting pedicures and totally comfortable with it. you should give it a try. def new post material.

    Shelley, Oh, Bernie. Always having a good day.

  7. Webb, Don't know rain lilies, gotta look them up. Did you plant the ranunculus in a pot? i will. Pink pedicure too? Get outta here. Is your red honeysuckle opening yet? xo

    Janet, Right? xo

  8. Plant away the heartache! Top notch list.

  9. Passion vine? I had a Passiflora vine, beautiful but it went mad! even had fruit.. it got the better of me and unfortunately had to go ..... apart from that loved your list and it is a wonderful world :) x

  10. oh man, your posts always brighten my day!

  11. I second the pedicure - although I've been going for a light, lovely lilac for my spring color.

    Fluffing the sheets/pillows on the bed is a must - I find coming home to an inviting bed after a long day one of life's little luxuries.

    I'm jealous of the ranunculus as they're my favorite!

    Yes, looking up and marveling is a necessity - even in NYC... just as long as you don't behave like the tourists and block the sidewalks. :)

    Oh, and I find that Loretta Lynn and a fresh pot of French Press coffee also do wonders for the soul...

  12. Sitting here feeling like something the cat dragged in, and then I read this. Thanks for a lift in my morning! I needed it (badly).

  13. Hi Jane,

    That happens to me all the time; hate it! I've read Three Junes - not bad.


  14. Hi Jane,

    That's the way to go! While I am reading this I have a smile on my face. Sounds like a perfect day.

    Lieve groetjes van Madelief x

  15. Good stuff, Jane. You know how to have fun.

  16. Loving the list. Pink toes rock. Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold! Keep living, loving and laughing my lovely blogging word processing friend..Sinead x