Monday, April 18, 2011

Shine A Little Light On It

I started to write this last night, then had to rush off to Tini and Nirmal's for dinner.  After a night of fun and food, bejeweled saris and Swarovski crystals I thought the sadness would melt away,but no. My heart is still hurting so I have to write it out again.

Our neighbors, the Major and his partner are putting their house up for sale this week.  They are desirous of more free time.  Hours spent in the yard weeding and mowing are not for them.  Not even the lure of a cookout at the end of a day spent outside can keep them here.  Golf courses and gyms cry out for their spare time.  They started looking at apartments to rent yesterday.

And of course we'll see them and spend time together.  But there is a difference between setting up a play date and being able to run back and forth across the street, borrowing, lending, eating cannoli's on a sunny Sunday afternoon or a bowl  of soup on a rainy evening.  The intimacy that  can come with proximity is a precious commodity.

GG is helping in their garden, edging the beds in brick pavers, weeding and sowing.  There is a new yellow striped umbrella to look at and pots bursting with blossoms.  Potential buyers should find it charming.  I don't know how they can leave it now that it looks better that it ever has.  But I'm a homebody.  Word.

I'm also a  human word processor.  I process my feelings by writing and talking them out.  Thanks for letting me spill them out here.  Now I'm off to do some home chores.  I'll start inside and make my way outside.  The sun is shining and birds are singing and all is almost right with my world.

Anybody wanna buy a house?


  1. It is different but distance shouldn't change the relationship...A little more work but if they're worth is the drive.

    Do something happy today so ALL is right with your world...and you can vent anytime with us. :)

  2. Awww ... you're such a sweetie. It will be okay.

    You'll probably love the new neighbours just as much.


  3. Oh dear - I've been on the receiving end of the same moving-house neighbour grief. It won't be easy for them either to leave you behind, I'll bet.

  4. It's worse when they pass away and leave that way. It has happened to me. It is sad to lose a

  5. Sarah, Of course they're worth it....and thanks a room of one's own to vent on occasion is a wonderful thing.

    Sue, I want first right of refusal on the new neighbors!

    Rachel, Grief. Just the word I was looking for. I'm sure they will.

    SizzleandZoom, Then my heart will break into a million pieces.

  6. Dear Jane,

    So sorry to hear your neighbours are leaving. I hope they won't move to far away, so that you can keep in touch.

    Take care!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  7. So sorry that you will miss your friends sometimes change can be hard.Hope you felt a little better after sharing.BTW as I read this post I envisioned the yellow umbrella and it made me smile you are great with words.

  8. Dear Jane: I've found a lot of comfort from something I read a while ago, "Never hold on too tightly to what is, because what is coming is always better."
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and lovely photos on this beautiful blog.

    Maryann ( Christine's Sister)

  9. Ack, Jane, these things are hard, no use pretending otherwise. Love and grief are two sides of the same coin as I believe the Queen said to Clinton, the sad feelings proving the reality of the love. It seems harsh that if you are the sort of person that loves deeply you are likely to grieve deeply, but at least in this case you can still see and enjoy eachother. You care, you will feel things deeply, but I hope writing helps. Hugs from the

  10. Jane, I've imagined selling OUR house if our neighbors leave. I just hate change. I love that you're a word processor...your processing is always beautifully written.

  11. You are so lucky to live in a neighborhood where neighbors are neighborly, and I'm sorry you are losing one of the best ones you have. Perhaps you will get someone who appreciates the garden and will not only make them better, but be another good friend... a good neighbor like you and GG who are helping them to sell and leave.

    Dig in the dirt. It will make you feel better. xoxo

  12. Madelief, thank you. I'm sure they'll only be a few miles away. But that will be too far for the Lab, who loves them.

    Maryanne, Lovely thought thanks. Think I'll hold on to that. Enjoy your Easter weekend with Christine:)

    Belinda, Ack, indeed. Writing does help. It's scary to be so personal but if not here, where? xo

    Shelley, Exactly! And yet almost every change I have gone through has brought positive changes.

    Comeca, Now I'm smiling as I see the yellow umbrella and bright yellow flower pot. Thanks.

    webb, I hope so! And i did dig in the dirt, and cleaned out a closet and went shopping and had coffee with a friend. All in all a good day.

  13. What is the purpose of a blog if not to pour out the emotions in our hearts and heads?

    I do it all the time.

    The Hound has rumaged in the sofa and found a nickel and a dime, quite how they got there i dont know. Not being au fait with property prices in Virgina, we have no idea whether that is enough to buy the house?

    Probbably not, but we are full of intention.

  14. Oh, if I didn't love my own little house and my own little town so much, I'd say YES! What fun it would be to be YOUR neighbor! Karin

  15. Miss P., real estate has tanked in the US. A few more pennies and you're almost here. The Lab is beside herself and has offered up her bone for closing costs.

    Karin, Back at you with that thought. Can you imagine all the projects we'd have going?

  16. Sorry Jane to hear about your friends and neighbours moving, I have lovely neighbours and I know I would feel the same x

  17. I will ! I will buy the house! neighbours back garden is resembling the food court you were at earlier! Nice word processing - as you write it out you work it out. Hugs..Sinead xx

  18. Hm, I don't be believe that what is coming is always better - it is often worse!

    The only good thing about grief is that it means we have something worth losing, and that in itself is valuable. You may get nice new neighbors, you may not. Certainly your new neighbors will have wonderful neighbors!

    Like you, I cannot imagine leaving a garden for an apartment. Especially a garden with y'all next door :-)Pink toes and all.