Thursday, April 21, 2011

This Is What It Sounds Like.....

Hello you, it's Nika here.  Jane's in the shower and GG's still asleep.  I've got a  very few minutes to tell you about last nights' walk.  What I heard and ( what I thought).

"OMG it's so warm out I can't believe I'm in flip flops at 9:00 at night". ( Can you step it up and stop shuffling along in those shower shoes?)

"Look at that sky, it's so beautiful, a true midnight blue". ( Don't look up, heads down, smell the ground, we're hunting rabbits.)

"What are you looking at"?  "Trying to see if its a star or a satellite or a plane". ( OMG, who cares, are there any rabbits on the hill?)

"Where are you"?  " Back here. I can't stop smelling this lilac.  Is the smell even more intense at night"? (Rabbits have a strong scent. So do squirrels)

"Good dog Nika ". " What a pretty dog, so clean and shiny after her bath". ( Can't believe she gave me a bath yesterday, what's the matter with a quick dip in flood waters, a little mud never hurt anybody.  Neat freaks.)

"Next Monday is Flowers In The House. Do you think people will want to do it?  It's Easter Monday".
"I'm sure they will,everybody will have a little something pretty about, flowers, plants, chocolate...

 ( Please tell her you're going to do it so I don't have to hear another word ab_____SQUIRREL!!!!)

( By the by, this is Jane's cat, she likes pictures of flowers too. We do try to keep her happy..)


  1. Squirrels, rabbits, flood waters and all just love her! xx

  2. Love the Nika! I often wonder what's on Ben's mind when we go for our walks :)


  3. Jane,
    She IS a pretty girl, isn't she? And apparently quite smart, as well. The cat is pretty too, although she looks a tad...devious? And tell Nika thanks for the reminder about Flowers in the House.

  4. Thank you Nika, for taking us along on your walk!

  5. when is nika getting her own blog? and i will post flowers on monday, i so promise.


  6. Nika, we are sending you a photo that we think you will love. Lots of mud with a dog in the middle.....

  7. Julienne, Thanks, so do we:)

    An Urban Cottage, Nika says, jane loves your cottage, she's really excited to see some flowers in it.

    Sue, I'll ask him. He'd love you to know.

    Karin, she's a dreamboat and the cat does not photograph well, either do I but i don't let Nika post pics of me.

    Lotta, Nika says, you're so welcome, I love to travel in a pack!

    Janet, as soon as GG graduates and fixes my header, then Nika gets her blog. First things first!

    Rachel, Nika says, That was the best day ever!! I'm so jealous of Filthy Flossie and her friends. I'm coming to live with you.

  8. What a gorgeous coat he has! I will post as well on Monday!(really)lol

  9. It's always a great day when i can pet Nika. She sends her energy through and I spend the whole day laughing. Thanks Nika!

  10. Nika, you know where the important stuff is! Sniffs to you! And yes, Jane, Monday flower participation is de Rigueur!!!

  11. Nika,

    Wonderful post. You please tell Jane she's a lucky duck to have you!

  12. Comeca, Yay1 We'll see you on Monday then.

    CHRISTINE!!! Nika thanks you for all the 1/2 sandwiches you feed her. She loves you too!

    Shelley, de rigueur, I love that, so does the pup. She's bi-lingual don't you know!

    Julia, Nika says thanks. Jane knows, she sings songs to me about how special I am.

  13. Fifty is very jealous that Nika got a bath because he is currently one stinky stinky boy! I've promised him he'll get one tomorrow but I don't think he believes me.

  14. Nika's looks adorable Jane :)... I'll be there on Monday x

  15. Nika's photogenic. Looks like a super pet friend.

  16. (Nika! Help! I've been dumped with webb and Mitchell while my family is away. They are so clueless. All I want to do is sleep - I am 14 after all - and they keep dragging me outside and making me walk. Good grief! if they want to walk they don't need me to chaperone them! How can I get away? your friend, Elle)