Saturday, April 2, 2011

Peace Train Take This Country

On Friday we did a walk through of the newly opened USIP. the United States Peace Center.  I've been watching the buildings' progress for the last year and as it neared completion it took my breath away.

We're doing the flowers for a dinner next Tuesday and the walk through combined business with my own personal pleasure. Kudos to the secret service who watched me wander off from a briefing to take a few pictures. ( How important to the briefing was the florist anyway?)

Inside: miles of limestone and windows: outside: our nation's cherry trees, newly planted in the foreground and  40 years old in the back, combined with a partly sunny day spelled bloggers bliss.

The institute's ambition is as lofty as it's architecture: to promote peace in a time of war.  I think that's a dream we all can live with.


  1. Does the Peace Center have a blog, I wonder, wherein they can contribute to your next Flowers in the House? Or is there a special Flowers in the Peace Center category?

  2. Hi Jane,

    I can understand why you are impressed with the building. Those windows and all that light!!!!

    The blossoms look lovely! Good luck with the flowers.

    Lieve groet & happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  3. It's lovely. Definitely needs to go on the "to do" list for the next trip to DC. But where is it? Looks like Lincoln Memorial right across the way...

    Hope tomorrow is a good gardening day there. I plan to work til I drop here.

  4. why am i not up at my brothers in reston va. this weekend??


  5. Mise, What a good idea, maybe we can get the white house in on it too. flowers in the house would take on a whole new meaning.

    Madelief, It is breath taking, literally. Hope your weekend stays sunny and springy.

    Webb, It's 2300 Constitution Ave., right across the street from the state department.

    Oh I hope so to. ready to get working again. Soooo cold and windy today, jesus the grill blew over.

    Renee, I don't know I was hoping to spend some time together. You must reschedule!

  6. What a magnificent building, I need to google to see more. How exciting to be part of the opening event too Jane. I'm with you, great architecture takes my breath away. Thank you for showing us the photos, I had not heard anything of this building. All's we seem to hear about of late is the Final Four / : Wishing you a lovely Sunday!

  7. Great pics of the cherry trees and the building, Jane. Thanks so much for sharing. Promoting peace (in war time or any time) is truly a lofty ambition, but oh-so-important. Love the Cat Stevens reference - we were working in the garden this morning when Peace Train came up on the stereo "shuffle". I stopped to listen, and saw the boyfriend was already doing just that. He turned to me and said "how on earth could anyone hate Cat Stevens? he's the messenger of peace!" Happy Sunday to you Jane, and don't forget pics of the lovely flowers you're going to do for the dinner on Tuesday!

  8. I had the horrible reaction of seeing United States plus Peace and Center all together (in Washington DC!)and beginning to giggle! Argh! I was supposed to be thinking peaceful cherry blossom thoughts and all I could think was war, CIA, NSA, arms deals, covert actions, lies, oil, Libya, argh!

    But as you say, we can dream.