Sunday, April 3, 2011

And On The 7th Day........

We rested . Well, what I mean by rested is I did no garden work at all, I strolled around and picked a few pansies, some epimedium and one fat white camellia bloom.  Meanwhile GG mowed the lawn.

We grocery shopped, read the Times, bought a stack of amethyst and iris towels, apparently purple really is the new red for us. And as I sit writing this GG is hanging new blinds in the loo.

Tomorrow will be 74 degrees.  Unfortunately I offered to work tomorrow.  We have a house to decorate in 
a Fragonard-ish style plus the party on Tuesday.  As soon as I heard the weather report I cursed my control freak ways.

My pre school report card read that I was so busy making sure everyone got their work done I had no time to do my own.  I've apparently turned that into a career plus.

Speaking of cursing , a pretty steady stream of them is coming from our bathroom right now.  I best be off to offer some unsolicited help.

May you all have a warm and sunny Monday.


  1. but isn't running to the bathroom to offer your help just perpetuating what was written on your report card..... :)

    I wish I could find a couple of gals like you two around here to hang out with! You would make my day.

    I offered to work tomorrow too because I heard it was only suppose be 38 degrees and I knew no yard work would be getting done anyway...create something beautiful!

  2. i love how you can just pick a few flowers and make it look irresistible in a simple vase. it's a talent, a gift.

  3. I love that camellia on the NY Times!. Epimedium is my secret love right along with Coral Bells. Rain here tomorrow. Apparently the wave of warmth down south is getting shoved back by a cold front. Will you take a photo of the Fragonard house...I adore Fragonard's flowers.

  4. hi jane,

    that first photo of the camelia and ny times is stunning.

    sarah and i are gonna pop in one day just to hang with you guys. she's way nicer than me but i can organize your kitchen drawers.


  5. I'd like to wish us a warm and sunny Monday too. Alas, it isn't looking likely.

    Amethyst and iris sound so much nicer than just purple!

  6. Sarah, My point exactly! Apparently both you and Janet will be coming over. Next Monday?

    counting dandelions, Thank you. Kind of like your way with words?

    Bow Street Flowers, I adore Fragonard also. Oh I forgot about the coral much to look forward too.

    Janet, I only have 1 kitchen drawer. let's start in the attic and make our way down. How long can you stay?

    Sizzle and Zoom, Thank you:)

    Rachel,I know, my friend Blaise named them when we were towel shopping. He's my go to color person.

  7. White Camellia.. lovely they have a tendency to go brown over here with our damp weather but yours is beautiful .. When Janet's finish with your house could you tell her to pop over here :) x

  8. It's always nice to visit and leave with a smile.

  9. Purple. I love purple. But you already knew that. so you did no work Sunday and none today (in your garden). I on the other hand did hours and hours and hours - both day. At least it is beginning to look better.

    Happy Tuesday! xoxo