Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Party's Over

Hmm, maybe working your day off isn't such a good idea.  Too much work can make one a little tired and cranky.....but luckily come Thursday I'll be relaxing in the privacy of my own garden.

Today was rainy and blustery with flowers in shades of blues and whites. Security  and barometric pressure were high, and much time was spent sitting on the dock of the bay watching the clouds roll away.

But inside was festive with flowers and flags greeting a visiting president.

Not a drop of water was spilled or a dollar of our 2,000,000.00 insurance policy needed.

One exhales deeply while exiting, then drives to the nearest Starbucks.  At least if that one is me.


  1. oh jane how beautiful everything looks. are you proud? you should be. and tired.


  2. The blue is so understated and calm. I love it. Congratulations! xoxo

  3. I love the blue...you did fabulous job! Celebrate and relax...was it "the" president???

  4. What an honor to be a part of making this event so beautiful for the special guests to our country. Everything looks lovely and I'm sure was appreciated by all attending. xo

  5. i love this!!!
    ....you sharing your work with us.
    great job and well done.
    congratulations on no spills or boo boos.

  6. You're kidding, aren't you? Aren't you? Blimey!!! Exciting!

  7. Those flowers Jane are beautiful, absolutely love the cream with touches of blue... stunning.
    I hope the visiting President was suitably impressed... who was it then? Go on you can tell us :) x

  8. I have to ask - they put pipe and drape in front of all those fabulous windows? Why?!

  9. Janet, I was totally pooped, but still able to blog about it!

    Webb, Thank you. xo

    Sarah, it was Peres, the president of Israel.

    Sherri, I hope so, though the flowers did seem a little feminine for such a masculine crowd. We just do what they ask though.

    Renee, You all are the best audience anywhere to share it with!

    Rachel, I'm usually kidding, bu not here:)

    The fisherman's cottage, Thank God for spring and the availability of such sweet blues.

    Sprout, The secret service wanted them draped in black out! That did not go over well with the event planners. So cream was the compromise.

  10. There's nothing like cherry blossoms to remind us of Peace! Really nice job, Jane. One more day, then it's dirt and flowers at your house!

  11. Look at those beautiful blue glasses! Tell me you didn't forget to slip a few of them into your rucksack for me?

  12. Crikey, Jane, making flowers for Presidents??! I think you could be described as working at the top of your field there!

    Loving the soft whites and blues, and I geddit with the flag and all, v symbolic!

    Bet that coffee in Starbucks tasted good!

  13. So simple and yet so beautiful! Freakin' good job, girl! Karin

  14. Make mine a venti!

    WOW, what a beautiful table! I love how the glasses and the flowers really make a statement...a statement of peace and calm. What we all want for our world no matter what coast you call home.

  15. Very, very pretty. I knew they had event space, but don't know who works over there. I hope you're pleased with the outcome!

  16. Love the colors!!! WOW! very very nice centerpiece!

  17. Shelley, Yay I'm home now and my day off has begun. And bunnies in my future?

    mise, i did take some but then i got arrested and sent away to join the foreign legion. If i end up in Ireland i'll bring them to you.

    Karin, Thank you:)

    belinda, I knew you'd geddit! Best starbucks ever.

    Abby, exactly, no matter what country you live in,right?

    Gwen, I'll fill you in. Only open 2 weeks and 200 events booked for this year. Lotta previously selling...

    Bornay, gracias. that means a lot coming from you.

  18. Beautifully done. I love the tabletops.

  19. It all looks lovely. I hope you enjoy a low key day with some time in the garden tomorrow.

  20. Well, OK, you do mix with the top end, don't you!
    Dare we hope that you will continue to amuse and delight us with your beautiful bouquets now that you can say 'by appointment to the President'?!!!! Noticed the flag was Israeli was your own President in attendance? xx

  21. Lovely blooms Jane. Standing room only though- no chairs?!!! Hope you had some chocolate with the coffee that always sorts the cranky and tired behaviour over my way!!Sinead x

  22. Like the layout of the table.

  23. I hope today was restful and restoring. You did an amazing job, lady. I love your work.

    I also hope you're all recovered from that pesky cold. It was warm here today - I hope you got the same kind of weather up there and got to play in the dirt.

    much love,

  24. Beautiful- Israel's flag translates well into floral arrangements; if only the same were true of the US's : ).

    Jot this down as an incident to add to your book, yo.