Friday, April 1, 2011

How Can It Be Wrong When It Tastes So Right?

For any of you who read the scintillating exchange between GG and myself in yesterdays comments you may wonder: what did those two have for dinner....

You would be correct in thinking we hadn't been to the store since last Saturday night, so what was there to cook?

A bastardized version of French onion soup perhaps?  Correct! 

Thinly slice 4 onions, if you only have red onions use those, what the hell.  At a very low heat (like 'low') cook them slowly in a hunk of butter with a splash of olive oil , season with S&P, thyme, 2 bay leaves .  After 25 minutes add a cup of red wine, cook wine off, maybe 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. When onions are dry(no liquid left) add 3 Tablespoons of flour, stir frequently for about 15 minutes(remember: low heat), then add 2 quarts of beef stock.  Or just 1 quart of stock and 1 of water if that's all you have.  Now turn up heat and simmer merrily away for 15 or 20 minutes.

Of course you don't have a  baguette so take any bread you have and toast it, then cover toast with cheese of your choice. Jalapeno jack and Parmesan for me, mozzarella and jalapeno jack for GG.  Pop back in oven till cheese melts and maybe browns. Fill soup bowl, add toasted bread, garnish with dill if that's all you have around, take a picture, take a spoonful. If it's too hot, blow on spoon and try again.

It will be delicious, you might need another bowl.

My apologies to Julia Child.


  1. Sounds delish! French ONion soup one of my favourites. Making Flower Jane's granola at the weekend with the childers. Shall let you know how we get on. Clearly I am from the same cookery school as yourself and I shall see what is in the cupboard!..Sinead x

  2. I'm very much a fan of this Whatever You Have Lying Around method of cooking. What it lacks in finesse it makes up for in vitality and user-friendliness. Feel free to use that as a marketing blurb for your cookbook. Would you like a photo of me to place alongside it?

  3. isn't this how the great recipes are started anyay? I say "watch out" Julia!

    Sounds great! We cook from the same method here!

  4. Mmm that does sound lovely, you've managed to make me feel hungry yet again.. :)

    I'm going food shopping tomorrow and on my list is the ingredients to 'Jane's Granola', I have my preserving jar waiting x

  5. Mighty good lookin' for a "bastardized" version...I've been eating Fr. Onion all winter, which prolly explains this extra band of fat 'round the middle!! But it's been worth it, and life's always a project, right?

  6. hi jane,

    i would further "ruin" the recipe with vegetable stock. seriously, it looks and sounds amazing.

    have a wonderful weekend you 2.


  7. I can smell the wonderful aroma filling the house now.

    Have a happy weekend.

  8. Sinead, have fun with the granola, fiddle with it, I do every week and every week it gets better:)

    Mise, I think we'll put your picture on the cover, yours and Sineads. We'll make the whole damn thing Irish-ish. You're both wittier than I.

    Sarah, I'm beginning to realize no apologies were necessary!

    Deb, looking forward to tasting your granola, at least visually. i'm laughing thinking of you laughing. best thing about blogging, no?

    Gwen Taking note of that message: don't make soup TOO often.
    I can't go up another waist size.

    Janet, And it would be just as delish I'm sure. yes Jerome is about 30 minutes from Sedona. Didn't you go to the winery there?

    Sherri, It was wonderful smelling. Wish I'd brought some for lunch...

  9. Very nice! But I'm slightly disappointed that you didn't have a tub of 5-Minute Bread dough (my current craze) in the fridge! It could have meant a freshly-baked loaf ready at the same time as the soup, and even more Brownie points for you.....

  10. 5-Minute Bread Dough? Why don't I know about this?

    Sounds super yummy - with thus darn winter weather hanging on, I may just make if in a day or two. Mitchell loves it and I have never tried. Thanks for the recipe.

    They do say partly sunny for sometime this weekend. xoxo

  11. French onion soup from scratch at the end of a long day? You two are amazing!

  12. Rachel, I remember that post, I'll be back to check it out. We'll never go hungry again!

    Webb, I know, we've got to get that recipe. Make the soup, so easy and delicious. Leftovers good too.

    Shelly, I never thought to do anything else! That's what blogging does to you! You're almost hesitant to order a pizza. Almost...

  13. oh my dad used to do the same thing with onion soup.
    i loved it.