Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011.......Spring!

After a long run of sunny spring days it was a shock to be awakened at 6:30 this morning by thunder and lightening.  In my mind thunderstorms are more appropriate in the late afternoon or evening, preferably after work and when the dog has been walked.  Then, let it rain.

But today is the second day of my weekend and I won't have to stand at the bus stop wearing my navy wellies and carrying my orange umbrella.  And in honor of the first day of spring it will be 68 degrees here.  Wet but warm, I'll take it.  We can leave the door and windows open and smell the earth.  

 Sunday we woke up exhausted.  GG's birthday was celebrated to the fullest.  Only some serious espresso got us out the door and walking the dog.  But while we had been eating and laughing and singing, spring had been working it.  All over town trees are blooming, magnolias both star and tulip, the early cherry, and all the others are heavily budded and good to go. 

And back at the ranch the first of our tulips were open, lettuce seeds were starting to sprout and strawberry plants are showing green.   

As I've been writing the rain has stopped, the sun came out, birds are chirping and the cat is meowing to get outside.  As am I.  Ballet flats off, wellies on, I'm outta here.

xo Jane


  1. I walked around my yard and garden this weekend searching for any green emerging from the ground and still found NONE. Although we still have a good chance for snow for the next month or so.
    I love hearing your spring stories...the sun after the rain is always so pretty...enjoy your day!

  2. Wet and warm first day of Spring - what more could a girl want?

    Love your tulip! Happy day! xo

  3. Stunning photo of the magnolia tree against the sky.. oh and rain poor you, don't want to rub your nose in it but we're having very un-English weather at the moment :) x

  4. dear jane,

    your photos are on steroids or something. the color and clarity and sheer power of them are jumping off my screen. wowsa! just beautiful.


  5. I agree with Janet, the photos are spectacular!!

  6. Sarah, I'll keep posting pics and showing you what you have to look forward to. then long after my spring has sprung I can admire yours. Fair?

    Webb, Happy Spring to you too.

    Deb, I continue to speak of the luck of the Brits. enjoy your sun.

    Janet, Thank you but even more beautiful in person.

    Sherri B., Thank you too. my head feels swollen.

  7. It's like Spring here too. But that doesn't mean it will last! Off out with dogs now, just in case it doesn't.....

  8. I scrolled all the way down to see a photo of you with navy wellies and orange umbrellas. All The Way Down. Despite having a dramatically convenient sore wrist and a long list of very important things to do. Can you imagine how let down I was?

  9. 68 degrees and those blooms! Have a great day.

  10. Isn't it all so beautiful? I'm smiling from your photos and just the thought of spring!

  11. yes isn't it wonderful. you captured the first day of the new season beautifully.

  12. We had snow Jane!!! I love the color of your tulips. Shelley

  13. Rachel, we'll still get a few days of hell, particularly during the cherry blossom festival(:

    Mise, I hope you had a nice glass of wine to relieve the pain, both physical and emotional. I'll see what I can do about a picture....

    Denise, I did, though a bit too much of one. Now I'm sooooo sore.

    Karin, it's unbelievable. Is it true ? is it really spring?

    Belinda, swooning over your garden to be.

    Lotta, Thank you.

    Bow street flowers, Snow!!! Good God. Of course we could have it next week. I love your bunny rabbit.

  14. That magnolia just made me gasp. Beautiful.
    but never mind spring and the gardening, what of the birthday celebrations? Did GG have the most amazing time ever?


  15. your very own tulips!!!