Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weeds And Seeds And Leaves

Endless hours in the garden on Monday.  Today I am bent over like a creature from a fairy tale, but the garden is ready for Sunday's visitors, two of whom will be our garden mentors.  They asked if they could bring anything.  Do you think a new peach tree is too much to ask? 

We planted seeds in little peat pots; vegetables, herbs and annuals.  I have never had much confidence in my ability to grow from seed, but how can you be a blogger and not try?  We'll see ladies and gentlemen.

One of our favorite boys from the hood left us two weeks ago and moved into the city. We miss him terribly and had him over for dinner tonight to remind him what he left behind.  He may have bars and  bookstores, restaurants and insane carry out at his fingertips but who'll cook him chicken browned and braised over a bed of vegetables, with delicious green salad and crusty bread.  Nobody but us.  Oh and maybe his mom....

Who's sorry now Jeff?


  1. Can't wait to see the little sprouts from your pots.

  2. hi jane,

    i say your seeds make it. and jeff? whatup with moving away from this woman?

    by this afternoon more buds were opening and we are expecting more rain over the weekend so i'm sure by monday i'll have something to post.


  3. Just been catching up with your posts.. lovely spring photos especially the magnolia. I would drive a long way to taste that gorgeous looking chicken dish Jane.. yummmy! And the seed planting looks very professional - keep us posted!! XX

  4. Good luck with the seeds - a bent back, ruined fingernails and a load of optimism are just the thing for successful gardening!

  5. Can I come for dinner too, pleasssse?
    I shall watch those seeds closely ( I have planted my first lot ever and will be devastated if yours come up and mine don't!!!!!)xoxo

  6. Sherri, Us either!

    Janet, excellent. Your garden is looking a dream.

    Sarah, It was yummy. Fingers crossed for seeds. xx

    Rachel, ah yes, the fingernails...

    Julienne, All are welcome! You too? Good luck to both of us!

  7. Jeeefff what were you thinking!!!?
    Goodluck with the seeds. You are way ahead of me - I have to weed first! Sinead xx

  8. Am I to understand "the boys" are coming up from the farm? How lucky are you?!!! I'd let them bring me anything they'd like. Chicken dish looks lovely, by the way.

  9. Jane, I made the mistake of looking at that chicken while hungry. The torment! He may not say so, but we all know Jeff is lamenting his decision to move. And good job on the seeds. I didn't plant any this year...yet. Karin

  10. Jane, that's one gauntlet that I am not picking up - the seed thing. Lettuce and spinach, I can do, but pots of seeds - way too technical. Hope they make it. I'm using the sprinkle it on the ground, kick some dirt over and hope!

    I do think at least one peach tree would be appropriate.

  11. oh...love this...i just saw my sweet peas and sunflowers pop up yesterday...

    the chicken looks great
    what time is supper?
    teddy likes chicken too
    happy to visit today, my friend

    kary and teddy

  12. Sinead, weed today, weed tomorrow. There's no end, my definition of hell:)

    Gwen, yes they are!! Chicken was lovely and pretty simple to prepare, so you know B. will never make it!

    Karin, he'll be back for brunch on Sunday, one more to torture him with!

    Webb, smart woman! Right about the tree??!!

    Kary, I'll cook the entree if you bring the dessert.

  13. Chicken looks heavenly!Good luck with the seeds I cant do much gardening this year(we have to move)but I plan on putting a few pots out.Like you a few herbs and maybe banana peppers nothing too fancy.

  14. Jeff has had his head turned by convenience.

    I have not planted anything, i have barely set foot in the garden since last August.

    The Hound and i will never leave.

    Just saying. Unless. You know. The thing.

  15. Ha, bloggers, seeds, yes. The pressure. Nice looking chicken. Are you really coming to NYC in May?

  16. Comeca, A few pots of herbs say summer to me:)

    Miss P., never leaving where? We hope you mean here! Unless, of course.

    Marie, Yes! Late May I hope, after GG's graduation and the dreaded Mother's Day. Shall we lunch? At Prune? I'm totally smitten after reading the book.

  17. I know the feeling, after a day in the garden lol here the frogs are frolicking and my little pond is full to the brim of frogsporn x

  18. Yay! May!!! Yes!!! She may or may not be there. She's nice.