Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blue Skies Shining On Me

Since you've been gone.....

A small patch of tete a tetes have begun to bloom, the pussy willow is at its peak and the front beds are mulched.  The peonies are showing their red tips, the ornamental plum is budding and the Carolina jasmine is almost ready for blast off.

I've eaten 2 loaves of Irish soda bread and pounds of cabbage and rutabagas and carrots and corned beef  (thank you Anne), gotten the hair cut in preparation of a weekend of partying, and spend every moment I could outside in the sunshine.

I've begun reading Blood, Bones & Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton ,ordered 2 gardening books by Alys Fowler and stayed up too late every night, getting up too early every morning.  Daylight Savings Time is not my friend.
Today is GG's birthday, her 30th.   

The Lab and I have planned a dinner out with friends and family, then some dancing and karaoke with more friends at our local  gin joint.  Sunday, maybe a little time in the garden then off to a matinee of  The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas performed by the Gay Mens Chorus.

The party will continue all week and culminate on Sunday with a brunch at home and fireworks in the rose garden at the White House. 

Enjoy your weekend, I'll be back with pictures and a funny story or two.


  1. Happy Birthday GG! Was about to say "Welcome to the wonderful 30s" and then remembered I am 42!! Def still in my thirties in my head it seems! Hope all your celebrations are loads of fun, 30 rocks.

    Alys Fowler - gardening heroine to me. She also has a very cool 1940s vibe, a modern Land Girl.

  2. Happy Birthday to you GG! It sounds like a big, fun weekend, full of all kinds of special plans..enjoy!

    Love hearing all of the things popping up.

  3. Happy, happy birthday GG...only the very best people are born on the 19th March!!!

    Life sounds grand there! A big zero is happening here...only chilly air, no blooms and the flu.
    So enjoy today! :)

  5. Happy Birthday GG.
    Have the most amazing weekend.
    wish we could be there.
    Next year xxxx

  6. Happy Birthday German Girl :-)

    Y'all should come and have lunch at Prune with us (blood, bones and butter)...


  7. happy birthday gg. have a great week with your partner in crime. and jane, that first photo...spectacular.


  8. Sounds like a very good plan. Try to catch the super-moon tonight too! (I'm obsessing about this super-moon, and I bet it will be too overcast to see it tonight here.....)

  9. Great photos, and Happy Birthday GG.

    Love Alys Fowler she did a series with the BBC called, The Edible Garden, all about growing food in her pretty wild, but lovely garden, its a must see if you havn't already x

  10. I think I'll have my own hair cut for such a big occasion. Happy happy birthday GG.

  11. Belinda, 30 does rock, I vaguely remember....

    Sherri B., I know it's SPRING!!!

    Julienne, And a very happy birthday to you also!

    Sarah, Not much in life is worse that the flu. Hope you heal quickly. xo

    Miss P,. She will, but we'll both look forward to next year with you. We'll even paint our nails.

    Marie, We will, in May after GG graduates. Perfect place to celebrate.

    Janet, Thank you. It's a spectacular time of year:)

    rachel, OMG I forgot to mention the Supermoon, It's in Virgo my birth sign, double trouble of double fun. We'll see.

    Deb, Thanks. I heard so much from you Brits last summer about her series ( which wasn't shown here) I had to get her books.

    Mise, Are you looking glamorous yet? Always.

  12. You must have some serious clout to arrange for fire works in the White House rose garden. Altho for GG's b-day it's worth calling in all your favors! Happy, Happy, GG!

    I would kill to take photos like the first one. Am thinking I need a camera that will do super-macro. Happy weekend.

  13. I was just looking at Blood, Bones & Butter in the bookstore today. It looks like a book I'd like and I love her photo on the back flap. Adding it to the list. Happy birthday, GG!

  14. This sounds like the most amazing weekend. Ever. I need to get out more.

    Happy birthday to GG!!

  15. A very happy belated birthday to GG. Sounds like fun was had by all!

  16. Aw - sorry I missed GG's celebration! I'm sure you did me proud. G