Monday, December 27, 2010

Ham I Am

While blogland lies sleeping, there are still a few of us awake and posting.  And judging by the number of hits we get, I'm thinking there are people still reading.  And wanting more.  Hungry for more.

So today I give you a ham.  Actually I wish I could give you  a ham because I don't know what I was thinking  when I bought it.

Did I think I had a large family?  Did I think I was going to have time to cook it and serve it on Christmas Day?
Did I never want to take my rings off again? 

So far we have served cold slices on Christmas night with cheeses and pickles and pickled beets, just nice food to snack on  after a long and filling day.  Then ham and boiled eggs for breakfast yesterday.  A ham sandwich for lunch and potato soup with  with a touch of ham for dinner.

This morning GG made biscuits and a ham hash with eggs.  There is still a mountain to get through. 

The next plan is to bake it and serve it with a potato-kale gratin.  And a lot of water.  I am getting very thirsty.
  If you live locally and would like to eat locally, give us a holler.  Ham mountain awaits you.  Come on up!


  1. That's the prettiest fried egg I've ever seen!


  2. I wonder if locally includes a 300 mile radius?

    How were you guys affected by the storm?

  3. Pea and ham soup with white wine and shallots. Take my word for it.

  4. Sue, But not as pretty as a puppy, right?

    Karen, 300 miles is totally acceptable in the eat local radius. Come on up! We got a teeny bit of snow,but boy do we have some crazy winds today. You got more snow.

    Mise, I'll do it one better, I'll make it! Thanks

  5. I could add a vat of home made bread sauce.....

  6. That is a pretty egg!
    I don't eat meat but I appreciate the no waste!

    and I'm still reading ~

  7. Oh you baste your fried eggs! I thought I was the only one who did that!!! Sorry I won't join in your ham mountain as we have one of our own! xx J

  8. hi jane,

    you always make everything look good.



  9. This made me smile - we are 'hammed out' too! Mr SE bought a lovely ham but it is enough to feed an army - we have had ham overload. I thought I might freeze some! X

  10. thank you so much for visiting my blog - it is lovely to meet you :)
    your post made me laugh so much - we have the same problem with cake... my parents were supposed to stay with us for Christmas so i made gingerbread, tins of mince pies, a mahoosive vegan christmas cake just to start...
    and then they could not get through the snow..
    we have cake on every surface!!
    love your blog - will add to my google reader list now x
    t x

  11. It all seems so good. I think you should just start over and do a round two of all of your lovely meals including ham.

  12. mmm, suddenly i want breakfast for dinner :)

    xo Alison

  13. I don't even like ham (at all!) and now I want some. Go figure. And I agree that that is one beautiful egg!

  14. Rachel, what is this bread sauce of which you speak?

    Sarah, Thanks for finding a positive!

    Julienne, Next year we'll split one, ok?

    Hi Janet, As do you! Hope you're having fun and staying moisturized.

    Semi Expat, Ok, next year we go 3 ways on a ham with Julienne!

    Tracy, Too much cake? Impossible! I'm assuming you don't eat meat so I can't offer a swap. You'll just have to send me cake anyway.

    Denise, Okay, more ham coming up. Though tonight is rice and a salad. xo

    Alison, give me your address and I'll send a fes pounds your way. Then your dinner/breakfast will be perfect.

    Julia, I know the power of if someone, anyone even mentions pizza.