Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Your Mother Should Know

So yesterday was the 28th of December.  And after a day of dog walks and lunching out, hair cuts and hair color (for me, some of us are natural blondes) GG asked me, did we ever figure out how many years.
How many years?  A Virgo who never forgets had mislaid the date.  I thought it was the 27th yesterday.

Yes, the 28th of December and 6 years ago I invited the "new girl" in the shop over for dinner.  Though much younger and much taller than I, she seemed worth getting to know.  I made  chicken and barley soup, a green salad with ripe d'anjou pears and french feta cheese served with freshly baked bread.  And we ate and talked and talked and after she did the dishes (I was so loving this part) we made a pot of tea and moved to the couch.

Then, with the most perfect posture I have ever seen, she poured.  That did it for me, I was smitten.

Several years later the Lab moved down from Connecticut and we were complete.  

My mother was totally right on two things: it's important to stand up straight and to know how to make a good  bowl of soup.
Happy Anniversary GG. 
xo Jane


  1. awww, janie, what a great love story. mine is nothing like that. happy anniversary you 2!


  2. she definitely got me with the soup... :-)

  3. So you had her at the soup, eh?

    A love a romance .... sigh.


  4. Washed the dishes? A perfect woman!

  5. Dear Jane, Happy anniversary to you two!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. Posture is so important (soup too). Cheers to your happiness. It's so apparent.

  7. Ahhh love, sweet love! Congratulations on your anniversary. xx J

  8. So sweet...congratulations!
    Here's to many many more ~ sounds like you two have a beautiful life...I love that.

    xo sarah

  9. Janet, what is your story like?

    GG :)

    Sue, I do make a pretty good soup....

    Webb, see you always focus right in on the perfect detail!

    Madelief, Danke, now if only we could have a piece of your cake to celebrate.

    Denise :) Long live happiness.

    Julienne, Thank you, but we still have the ham.

    Sarah, Sounds like you do too!

  10. Hi Jane - Thank you for your recent comments - I'm so happy you're enjoying my blog and can't wait to browse through yours!

    Happy Anniversary!!

  11. What a nice story you two have! Congrats! Karin

  12. So true!
    Soup is an important aspect of life :D

  13. Jane,
    What a wonderful story! Happy Anniversary! I think your mom was right on with that. What a sweet first date the two of you had.

  14. Happy Anniversary my flower blogging friend and to GG. I'm a romantic and your blog had me even without the mention of soup! Happy New Year too .Sinead x