Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year

Boxing Day 2010.  Snow and sleep are in today's forecast.  Actually 3 out of 4 here are still sleeping, and without GG, the dog or the cat to play with I have turned to you.

Christmas Eve was a long, delicious evening at  Tini and Nirmal's.  With both dogs helping ,Nirmal made a Spanish influenced dinner.  We started with a capatona like appetizer with tuna.


  Next were light citrus dressed salads with sliced of avocado and clementines, then the piece de resistance, a seafood paella, full of shrimps and scallops and fava beans, cauliflower and artichokes.  

 After dinner we lit the candles on the tree, destroyed beautifully wrapped presents and hazelnut ice cream with chocolate sauce.  We drank cup after cup of black tea and tried to stay awake just to be together a little longer.

 By midnight we gave in to exhaustion and your very own tired florist removed herself from the couch and was driven home to a warm house and a hungry cat.

Christmas day itself is kind of a blur but I recall Peking duck, coffee and butter stollen and going to see The King's Speech.

Which reminds me, there is more stollen in the kitchen.  Must go eat more sugar and take a nap.

Hope everyone had a delicious love filled holiday and will get to relax today.

xo Jane

And thanks to Nirmal  both for the dinner and the pictures, this blogger arrived with her battery uncharged ( in more ways than one).


  1. Good friends and good food and then a nap; that's perfect. It's heavenly recompense for being a good florist.

  2. Sending many inches of snow your way this afternoon. Only 2-3 here so far, but I think you are gonna get slammed. Hunker down with tea and stollen and you'll be fine.

  3. hi jane,

    sounds like a lovely gathering of friends and food and pets.

    happy holidays.


  4. Mise, it is indeed. Though a mani pedi wouldn't hurt either.

    Webb, Now you have us running amok searching for baking ingredients and checking milk levels. And I think it's gonna blow by us....but who knows.

    Janet, It was lovely. Hope your holiday was the same. Looking forward to a beautiful description of yours. A pic is worth a 1000 words.

  5. Naps interspersed with stollen - perfect!!

    We are off to Norway in the morning - have a great week. xx

  6. this sounds like a wicked good time to me!!


  7. What a wonderful gathering and such wonderful looking food...mmmmm.... And is that you and GG in the last photo? XX

  8. Well don't you sound as though you had a very good time! Your menu also sounded rather magnificent so maybe we will come to you next year!!! xx

  9. Belinda, Norway? Lucky you. Looking forward to pictures and stories.

    Renee, It was, and retail free!

    Semi Expat, It's me attached to the couch and Tini, GG's sister all wrapped up.

    Julienne, You're always welcome!

  10. those napkins are really lovely! looks like a great holiday :)

    xo Alison

  11. what a festive table --so pretty. i'm craving hazelnut ice cream now! best to you this new year.