Saturday, November 27, 2010


We have arranged all the flowers, eaten all the turkey and painted all the door panels in the little hallway mystery.

It's way past our bedtime and the dog still needs a walk but we can't seem to stop.

Now we're mixing it up on the blog. Begin with a picture I snapped last December of a shop window in Georgetown. Add GG, photo shop and an inordinate amount of patience on her part, stir and you get a  new holiday header.

This looks so good I might not even have to write anymore , we can all just admire her artistry.


  1. puh-leze... i did nothing but add a few letters here and there and give it a tug on this corner or that ... you are the one with the master photo!

  2. My goodness I thought my computer was playing up and sent me to the wrong place!!
    GG you really are an incredibly clever girl!
    I am still waiting to see you with your own blog and then I could have two to race to first thing!!xx

  3. It is like when someone has had a brilliant new haircut, and it takes a few minutes to register it is still them, except even more stylish! I am staring into the face of your blog and smiling as recognise it is still you only soooo slick! Great new look. xx

  4. It's lovely. A new look for a (nearly) new month! I like it.

  5. GG, you modest mouse you. Thank you again, i love it.

    Julienne, If she could fit a blog in with 5 days of school, 3 hours commuting time each of those days, 1 day at the flower shop and me bugging her to help with my headers and layout, you know she would do it! We consider this a mutual blog. xo

    Belinda, what a fabulous analogy. Thank you from both of us.

    Webb, thank you. time is moving so quickly, by the time i get this comment posted it will probably be December.

  6. Veh veh nice, as my son would write. Stylish. I would love to change my header photo, but I also love the one that's there now! Sad, no?