Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reasons To Get Out Of Bed On A Sunday Morning

Gigi at The Magpie's Fancy asked what was inspiring us today.

I was so inspired by the question ( and possibly by the fact that I was on my second latte) I decided to answer it here.
It was only 9:25am, so I thought I should let the day unfold.

8 hours later, here are my inspirations.

A day off, truly my first since last Sunday.  Thanksgiving doesn't count as a day of rest.

A small brown bag of paper white bulbs.

The faintest hint of Christmas via a few tall vases of long needle pine branches.

Finally having the time to sit down and peruse other's blogs.

The past hour I spent uncluttering the book shelves.

The realization that today my time is my own.

A chilly but sunny day that allowed me to take pictures of what is still or is freshly blooming in the garden.  Green nicotiana anybody?

The house smelling of turkey soup.  Icebox rolls rising in the warm kitchen almost ready for the oven.  A whiff of yeast when I raise the towel to take a peek.

3 neighbors dropping by for a visit.

The sky is dark and it's time to light some candles.

Claire de Lune

Coming into a warm house after a cold walk with the Lab.

And of course, my new header.

How about you?

P.S. who is dogjacket?


  1. hi jane,

    i love your inspired day. it has been a busy 4 days and i feel it is just now winding down. i love your new festive header. perfect.

    our weather here is inspiring me. it's classically california autumn. clear blue sky, chilly temps, beauty everywhere. and the hubs and i under warm blankets on the sofa watching football and eating cake and wondering out loud our christmas plans. thanks for asking.


  2. With the rain again pouring down (much to the farmers horror as it is harvest time) it is curling up on the lounge in comfy warm clothes and turning on the DVD to spoil ourselves and watch two whole episodes of the series Downton Abbey that UK daughter bought back from the UK. Absolutely fabulous series and we are eeking it out

  3. Aaah, for you, Debussy. For me, Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #4.

    For your Sunday:

  4. A lovely afternoon of opera - Cosi fan Tutte. A great way to end the vacation and the holiday weekend.

  5. Janet, You also had a beautiful morning walk judging by your photos. lucky woman you still have hours left to enjoy and I'm off to bed.

    Julienne, That sounds lovely. I have to go check out this series.

    Karen, thank you for the great link. Our neighbor and Bach joined us for dinner.

    Webb, who knew we were so cultured? Welcome home, hope you enjoyed your holiday.

  6. I pity the cherub, naked on a bed of prickly spruce.

  7. this weekend was the first time i took any time away from schoolwork since late october. it was incredibly lovely :) love the new header!

    xo Alison