Monday, November 29, 2010

Viva La Revolution....The Lab Speaks

Got a minute?  I've got plenty.  There's too much work going on both in and out of the house.  Forget about  last week.

Jane was gone for hours, arriving home all dirty and "tired".  She was finally home on Thursday and spent pretty much the whole day in the kitchen cooking and though Thanksgiving is my favorite meal ( except for breakfast) I wasn't feeling so well.  I had tried to feed myself dinner the night before ( they were both "working" late) and I had gotten just a little bit of a plastic bag mixed in with my food.  Plastic bags don't belong in the trash, they get recycled. Tsk, tsk.  So I was barely up to begging.  Waste of a holiday.  Then they were gone all day Friday, 10 hours, I was in the dark when they finally returned. 

Saturday I went to work with them. Humph, didn't seem that busy to me.  Then Sunday there was more painting in that little hallway.  Making me crazy that hallway.  Barely enough room to swing a cat in there.  Jajaja.   Finish the job already.  They took all the hardware off the doors for the painting and 2 people got locked in the bathroom on Thanksgiving, bet Jane didn't tell you that!

Today Jane went to work again, I  thought Monday was "our" day.  So the hell with her. She's barely writing any posts anyway, just posting some big pictures.

This is a revolution, I've got the chair, the reading glasses and the password.  Wait till Jane sees all the new followers I'm gonna attract!

OMG she's home, I'm so excited. Gotta get my rope, no my ball , no my bone , she's home!!!!!


  1. Too cute! You best pay her some attention...I think she's trying to tell you something! :)

    There must be something going on in the animal world - Lola, my cat has followed me around all day today and jumps on my lap as soon as I sit down.

    Enjoy your evening ~

  2. hi jane,

    lab needs his own show for sure.


    ps ~ hi sarah love!

  3. There's just no other way Jane you either have to get the lab her own computer or a companion!!!!
    I can send you a saluki or two if you like!!!!!xx

  4. Ahhh dear darling Lab - you tell them to pay you enough attention and to finish those renovations quick smart or you may move to Australia!! XX

  5. Well hello cute Ms Lab, it is Rolo the debonnaire English Cocker Spaniel here. Dare I describe myself as a canine young David Niven in the looks department, with chocolate and tan markings (can't be sure the young David had those). Anyway you can see me in the thumb nail if you wish. It is truly a delight to meet you, and as I lie here, on my daybed, laptop in paw (don't tell Belinda), I can only lament that an ocean divides us. As you say, in the politest way possible, up the revolution darhling! Woof. xx

  6. Flossie writes: Well hello! Nice to hear the truth for once.... Why not set up your own blog? I might. We could post pictures of our favourite balls, or sticks.... think of how many Followers we'd get!

    Why did you choose to put "tired" in quotation marks? Did you mean "tired and emotional", that polite little expression that really means "drunk"? And you had to feed yourself? People have no idea how patient we are with those erratic humans.

  7. Sarah, Trust me, that lab gets more attention than I do. But then again how can it ever be enough? I should quit my job!

    Janet, I'll say. Maybe we'll call it The truth, nothing but the truth! She seems to have a eye for the sordid details.

    Julienne, Don't you think that cranky cat is enough company? Tho probably when we're not home they're the best of friends, laying about laughing and napping.

    Nika says:
    Semi Expat, I could be a glamorous
    expat too??? Packing up. Where's that bone....

    Nika says:
    Well hello there Rolo, possibly on my way to Australia I could drop by for a visit and a sniff or two?

    Nika says:
    Oh Flossie let's do it! We would be so very popular, everybody loves a lab. It's a well known fact. No she was just tired, but like her I use quotes inappropriately. And they left the lid off the trash bin so i thought they wanted me to have a snack, like when they leave me alone with the cat's food....

  8. Jane,
    No the cranky cat is not enough, clearly. The Lab needs another Lab. Simple as that. Although I'm sure you're right about the Lab and the Cat laying about laughing together when you're not at home. I'm quite sure that's what mine are doing when I'm away! Love the new header BTW! Karin

  9. Dear cat,

    I hope Jane is feeling a bit better. She sounds as if she has been really busy! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    Take care,

    Lieve groet, Madelief

    I'm with you buddy!

    your friend,

  11. Karin, We all need another lab, but the house won't hold one and the cat says she'll move. So...

    Madelief, Thank you for recognizing the kernel of truth in the story. it was one hell of a week.

    Nika says: Merci Fifty, I knew I could count on you!