Wednesday, November 24, 2010

London Calling

By the time you're reading this I shall be......busy.

Busy as a florist during a major holiday.  Oh , that is me.  Majorly busy.

But before I sunk into the  pile of orders and buckets of flowers and phones ringing off the hook and drivers asking where they're off to next and me wondering who's going on a coffee run, I wrote one last post.

London called and I answered.  Miss Pickering, affectionately know to me as Miss Pickering, wondered if I would tell her adoring readers all about the T. Day, talk turkey as it were.  Speak for all Americans about our favorite holiday?  I was up for the challenge.  You can read it here.  Corrections are expected.  

Thank you Miss P., for giving me a chance to address your kingdom.

Your  devoted servant, Jane


  1. The Kingdom welcomes you!

    Transatlantic excitements aside, I wish you a splendid (and delicious) Thanksgiving tomorrow and am heartily thankful myself to have made your bloggy aquaintance! Have fun, Belinda xx

  2. It looks like your entire blog list will be on your doorstep tomorrow.

    Think of me while I go to the cafeteria with my mother and sister-in-law since none of us can be coerced into cooking.

  3. Hi Jane!

    Nicely done!

    I'd love the recipe for your friend's cranberry bread pudding!

    Hope you and all your buds have a great Thanksgiving!


  4. Belinda, thank you for the welcome and the delish wishes. And I too am grateful we have met and spent time together in your garden.

    Karen, You're only 4 hours away, we would have loved to have the 3 of you. You could have taken the pictures!

    Hi Sue, i will get recipe and send it to you. It's SWEET but Yummer.

  5. You're hilarious. And so is Ms. P.

    I wish I could come up and share in your eclectic, mash-up Thanksgiving, dear.

    For now, I'll have to content myself with just wishing you and yours a happy Turkey Day.


  6. It must be really if it can 'make a grown man cry'!



  7. I must say I agree with Miss P! Marshmallows?
    Hope you had a glorious day and a wonderful meal! xx

  8. I am thankful for you.

    We might have chicken tonight in your honour. No turkeys until December here.

  9. Jane you make me laugh. Loved the guest post and the 'you dont have to stay till midnight its not a houseparty comment' hee hee!! x Hope you have a FAB one! x

  10. Maria, wishing you a delicious day also.

    Sue, let me know if the recipe works.

    Julienne, We will if I ever stop messing around on the computer and get in the kitchen!

    Miss P,. Me too you. Thank you for the air time , it was so much fun. xo

    Semi Expat, wish today's guests would read the post before they arrive and plan accordingly.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving!
    And thank you for warming my day with the wishes you sent :-) xo