Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Queen of The World!

(The Lab and German Girl)

Well let me tell you, the Lab is over the moon after her first foray into blogging. She didn't expect everyone to be so welcoming. Plus she received comments from 2 canine superstars of the blog world, The Hound and Flossie. She has a huge crush on the Hound, well who doesn't and even though Flossie is much younger (maybe a touch of jealousy here) Nika still loves to read her posts and snicker at what she gets away with.

We both had a fun day yesterday while waiting 8 hours for the service tech to show up and work 2 and a 1/2 hours on the washing machine , which still isn't fixed. We read the comments, made minestrone, went for several squirrel/ rabbit hunts aka walks, bought some wallpaper on ebay, and talked about the day she can buy her own computer and write her own blog. Because it's bad enough I have to fight the cat for my chair much less the dog for my keyboard.

As I write this the Lab is lolling around on a sheepskin, noisely banging a bone on the floor and impatiently waiting for me to finish so we can go look at the Hound's blog again. Jeeze, puppy love.


  1. Your pup's life is just too good to be true. I'm starting to get jealous.

  2. hi jane,

    your dog needs it's own show.

    what wallpaper did you order? black and white butterflies?


  3. Hi Jane,

    The two of you look very sporty, and so young, on the photo!!!

    Glad your dog enjoyed the attention :-)

    Lieve groet,


  4. And they call it puppy love! Aaagh I shall be humming that all day now. Sounds like a lovely relaxing day (apart from the washing machine bit!). The lab is beautiful as you too are my blogging blond bombshell. Sinead x

  5. If I knew how to do it, I would set up a communal blog (like Fridge Soup) for all these lovely dogs, and they could contribute at will. Main topics would, of course, be food, walks, games, toys, food......

  6. Aaaah such a lovely photo and I agree - Give the Lab a Blog!! XX

  7. Denise, That;s why they call it's a dog's life, right? no work, no taxes, no layers of clothes in cold or wet weather. just love.

    Hey, Janet, She would agree! Couldn't find the butterflies under 300 euros so got an almost crewel like paper. Might work...

    Madelief, Not me , it's GG. I am neither young nor sporty.

    Sinead, GG's the bombshell, I'm a week past a haircut and look like an unkempt Rachel Ashwell.

    Rachel, Then we would constantly be wiping the drool off our keyboards. But they wouldn't be bored while we were at work!

    S.E., Maybe in the winter when it's too cold to hang outside....

  8. Nika is beautiful. And so witty! I wonder what my little Jack would have to say, if I let him blog? I don't dare, that's why I blog from work! Karin

  9. Nice photo....GG is indeed a bombshell and the Lab's not too bad either!!!
    It looks as though it's getting cooler now so we can look forward to the Lab's blog..You did say winter didn't you?!!!!! xx

  10. Guess you knew when you got a lab that he would take over your life? They have a way of making it all about them - and that's why we love them so!

  11. Karin, BUT do you have a computer at home he could get his little paws on? No telling what he's up to while you're working....

    Julienne, I did say winter, hmmm. Aren't we glad the confusion over me being GG got cleared up? Or not, should have let that slide.

    Webb, I didn't know but I've been very well trained. Just never expected her to start typing!

  12. You have made a good start.

    I can you get a lifestyle magazine shoot, maybe even TV.

    I take 75%

  13. Nice photo of GG and Nika. Sounds like lots of change over there! Hope to see you very soon. Hang tough!

  14. Marie, Unveiled at last. So in the movies she would be played by Uma and myself by Rachel Ashwell....

    Nika says: O Hound! If you pose with me you can have it all. And i promise not to bathe to smell especially good.

    Gwen I'm a hanging. One more week ( or 2) till sanity returns. Huh.

  15. Uma and Rachel Ash...what????!! Wait a minute. (Okay, gotta go. Noah just fell off a chair. What does that make my nome de plume then, if you will??)


  16. Maria, Penelope Cruz. You had to ask?