Monday, October 25, 2010

And Now: A Brief Message From The Lab

Pssst, listen to me now, I don't have long. Don't pay any attention to Jane's complaints about living in squalor ( she's so OCD). The house has never looked better. The bed is now on the floor, no jumping necessary and it's easy to get off ASAP when someone comes knocking at the door ( I'm the greeter). There are boxes full of treasures stacked everywhere and if I just keep sniffing I might find a hidden treat.

The shades and curtains are gone from the windows and have been replaced with batik sarongs. These are darker and allow us all to sleep later. Though the humans don't seem as happy about this as I am. Jane keeps saying that all we need to do now is start burning incense.

I must be quick here, I'm a very slow typist, another 10 minutes of granola baking and we're off for a walk!!!!!! And then it's time for breakfast!!!!

The best news of all is the clothes washer repairman is coming this morning, sometime between 8:00 and 12:00, so not only will I have a new man to bark at, Jane can't go running off with her fiends, I mean friends and leave me all alone. (though I do have my favorite toy Asterix to keep me company)

Oh happy squalor, oh lovely disarray!


  1. Flossie writes: I'm amazed you notice squalor. It's a human concept. They've brainwashed you, that must be it...... And I'm also amazed that a walk got 6 exclamation marks, but breakfast only got 4. Obviously your breakfast isn't that exciting. Mine gets !!!!!!!!!!!! Have a word with the humans.

  2. Nika says, my paws slipped off the keyboard, obviously breakfast is HUGE. I'm getting kibbles with some warmed up chicken....drool.

  3. Emma says: Lucky you! Bed on the floor! There's nothing better. How I envy you!

  4. Oh, sweet Lab. I understand completely!



  5. Nika says, Hey Emma, I may go and flop on it now Jane is being all busy in the kitchen:)

    Sue, I knew you would! xo The lab

  6. You look like a very happy dog to me :-)

  7. hi jane,

    you are way too cute! and that lab of yours, well there are no words...


  8. It's always good to see the world through someone else's eyes ;)

  9. Nika says:Madelief, I am, I'm totally spoiled. But don't tell them i said so!

    Janet, if you think of any, she would love to hear them, food dog, is popular, so is what a sweet dog, but the best words are dinner and treat!

    Denise, Yes it is. It's also good when another blogger makes you laugh:)

  10. You've got that one nailed. You win the make-your-followers-laugh-and-smile award, that's for sure : )

  11. Souki said to tell you that with the bed on the floor it is also easy to just slide on in under the sheets......ooooooh!
    She also said a few doggy footprints on said sheets don't go astray, make it feel quite homely, but only after they feed you!!!!
    love Maggie xx

  12. Dear Lab,

    lobby for your own blog.

    Yours sincerely

    The Hound

  13. Dear dear Lab,
    Don't worry the disarray and bed on the floor and fun might go on for AGES!! Renovations have a habit of taking longer than planned! xx
    p.s. love your 'toy baby'.

  14. I think The Lab and Fifty should be pen pals.

  15. dear looks pretty good mom told me that when they had Buddy..he fell off the bed and broke his leg and my mom made my dad chop the legs off their 5,000.00 cherry wood 4 poster bed so it wasn't up so high...
    so i know about these things too...

    happy halloween
    sending love,

  16. Julienne, Don't you and Souki be giving her any more ideas!

    Hound, Will I have time for my own blog what with greeting and eating and walking and sleeping? Jane seems to spend a lot of time at the computer....

    Nika says: Dear Semi Expat, what does your name mean? It's easier to respond to calls such as dinner and walk if you only have one name. i'll call you semi. x

    Sara Louise, Ok, but they better not get to planning and plotting together...could be BIG trouble.

    Sinead, ain't that the truth!

    Nika says, Hey Teddy, welcome to my hood. That's some big puppy love out your way.
    Do you have a costume?

  17. Hilarious!! And Asterix..! My brother and I used to read that comic strip -- in Spanish. Ha!