Thursday, October 28, 2010


Halloween. This year I have to decided to dress as my garden. The colors and textures are perfect.

If I croched a shawl out of bronze fennel appliqued with sedum blossoms.

And trimmed the edges with callicarpa berries.

Clothed my limbs in black like the trident maple.

Made a necklace and earrings out of the winged euonymus and a ride from the scotch broom.

Topped it all off with a mask made of a black elephant ear .

Would you know me?


  1. Absolutely! You'd still be your lovely self! Myself, I'll stay home and feed the little folks - one for them, one for me!

  2. I'm behind drawn curtains with the lights turned off. . .

  3. Perfect. And then you have to make me one just like it -- because I love it.

    I hope you've been well, dear. I've missed you.


  4. hi jane,

    probably not. i would prob try to propagate you though.


  5. Sue, you would because I'd say trick or trifle.

    Webb, I'm coming to your house for sure if it's 1 for 1, kit kats for me please:)

    Karen, I'm still coming because now I know you'll be there. Keep the lights off if you will, but better have some kit kat bars somewhere.

    Maria, Of course I'm making two, yours will arrive Saturday. Send pictures. Missed you too. xo

    Janet, Small but propagatable. that's me!

  6. huh ... can't just go to the store and BUY a costume...NOOO, now i know what i will be doing with my precious time this weekend... making an imp out of my girlfriend....oh well...


  7. This is my first visit to your blog and what a great post! I found myself thinking what you would look like as I read the words ~
    I look forward to following along!

  8. Very original Jane! And love the photos too. x

  9. Genius! There's loads of bright red Virginia Creeper on our neighbour's house, its trailing growth would make a fabulous boa darling!! It strikes me that Virginia(n) Creeper would be a rather good name for your green spooky persona!! Give GG strength, O Lord.

  10. Spriteful - love it! Beautiful photos and thanks for educating me on the callicarpa - I have one of those, but wasn't sure what it was!

  11. GG, sorry, in between grocery shopping and mowing the lawn and dog walking and neighborhood entertaining, SURELY there will be time to sew a few berries onto a cape?

    Sarah, welcome, and of course I rushed right over to your yellow house!

    Denise, Thank you! Thought of it while walking to work. walking is good.

    Semi ( as the lab calls you) Thank you. maybe a few strands of Chanel pearls?

    Belinda, As ever you got it right! I will be known as the Virginia Creeper....slowly i turn...

    Life, in small chunks, Does your callicarpa grow crazy big out of control also?

  12. I really LOVE this post, Jane!!

  13. You would be poetry in motion. Love the comment from you can't just go to the shop!

  14. All very lovely - I've just popped over from Slow Lane Life and am enchanted by your blog (the little bit I've read before I tear myself from the computer and get out into the garden to do an autumn tidy) but - I wonder what dry-walling is? Our house is quite new really - well, I suppose it's about 80 years old but that's not old for here - and it had never occurred to me that the plaster needed renewing. Or indeed dry-walling. Anyway - hello from Scotland.

  15. Gwen, Thank you. xo

    Julienne, lovely thought. GG, her work is cut out for her......

    Isabelle, In order to keep the plaster from falling in on our heads while sleeping the ceiling was covered with thin sheets of dry wall aka sheet rock. No 70 years isn't old but it can be dangerous!
    Nice to meet you.

  16. well,
    take a picture please.

    xxx happy halloween

  17. I agree. Take a picture! And then perhaps we can all line up to dress like our gardens. At least my summer or spring garden. Fall would be awful ragged and see-through round here.