Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Note From Her Familiar

Tho' I'm not a black cat, and Jane isn't a witch (occasionally substitute a b) I am her familiar.

I was here before the Lab, I was here before German Girl. I've been here since the beginning of time.

I've been around the block a few times, got into a few fights. Vision in both eyes is overrated. So are fangs. I still rule this hood and this house. I have my hiss. And a hitch in my back leg.

It's Halloween morn. The moon is setting and my fur is getting ruffled thinking of the night ahead.

We have a pumpkin with a face on it, we have bowls of candy, candles will be flickering, the Lab will be barking then wagging it's tail. And me, I'll be waiting, to pounce, to hiss, to make all the little children cry.

This is my night. Fear me.

( I'm sure Jane will be back tomorrow with some saccharine post about how sweet it was, but you will know , you have been warned)


  1. What a beautiful little kitty you are! You know, I don't scare that easy!


  2. Brrrrrr! It's a little chilly tonight, I don't think I shall venture out. Otherwise, of course I would walk right past your house and not be afraid at there!!!!!!!

  3. Girls and labs need a squeeze of lemon like you and your kind, to stop their lives being sickeningly sugary...... Enjoy your night!

  4. hi jane,

    you better get some control over your animals as i think they have taken over. happy halloween.


  5. Pokie says:

    Beach Bungalow, You should be afraid, be very afraid!

    julienne, yeah, you just try it sometime. you'll see....

    Rachel, ahhh, finally someone with some common sense!

    Janet, I'm afraid Jane won't be able to respond to this. She's tied up in the kitchen.

    Senor, hokay, that ees scarrey.

  6. Poor Jane, hope you get your blog back from the kids.

  7. Yes yes, this is your night. I'm not going to argue. I'm hiding beneath my bed. Please, someone, let me know when it is safe to come out.

  8. You are really quite cute I expect !! Hope you all had a happy Halloween!! x

  9. Even the animals have great stories to tell!