Tuesday, September 28, 2010

True Or False

The lovely Sara Louise over at LaPetite Village has awarded SmallButCharming the StylishBlogger Award for my stylish garden. If she could see it now....

And the challenge is to write 5 things about yourself no one knows, then to pass it on to a ( in my case) truly stylish blog.

I've decided to shake it up a little and I will post 10 things and you can, if you so choose, decide which 5 are true.

1. I have been married 3 times.

2. I'm a natural blonde.

3. I was the reason my girl scout troop disbanded.

4. When I moved off the island of Nantucket I left behind a pink and turquoise 1956 Chevy named China Doll.

5. I was stolen away from my palace as an infant and adopted by an American military couple.

6. I love to fly.

7. I lived in a ghost town in Arizona and was the town bread baker.

8. I'm always well manicured.

9. I attended Catholic all girls schools and was expelled from 2 of them.

10. I hate dogs.

Since every blog I read is beyond chic I offer this award to all of you and if you choose to reveal some hitherto unknown facts about yourselves I for one would love to read them.

I will now stop pestering you with posts and go and file my impeccably clean nails.


  1. Oooh! A challenge! Not sure I'm up for it, but right now I'm going with #3, 6, and 7 as true. Will think on the others...

  2. Okay, #1,3,4,6 and 9 are true.


  3. #2 nope. I read your blog too often, see?
    #3 yes. That explains a lot and deserves its own blog post.
    #4 yes, because it seems so unlikely but is so specific. I bet the house. If it was Japan Doll, I still win.
    #5 yes, except for the first part.
    #8 no, flwr people always have dirty nails.
    #9 yes, it fits well with #3. You are a bad influence!
    #10 no way, see profile pict.

  4. hi jane,

    since i read your blog religiously let's see what kind of reader i really am...

    i think you are a fake blonde, married 3x, stolen as a child who was raised in a ghost town that hates dogs. how am i doing?


  5. Sprout, Hmmm, are you still thinking? You're just avoiding your paperwork aren't you?

    Sue, You're pretty trixie for an Canadian girl.

    John, Jajajajaja. I am a bad influence. And you are one funny man. Good call on # 10 and #5, do you know me?

    Janet, Color enhanced, please. I was raised on robbery.

  6. I'm gonna consider and respond in the morning. Pretty sure I'll pass the quiz... But the beautiful nails thing is just plain wrong - can I get a bonus point for that?!

    Most important of all, I know that you totally ARE stylishly qualified for this award...cheers! G

  7. I'll just watch from the sidelines :-)

    I think I've lost blog readers by not taking up these Reveal things about myself. You're much braver.

    Oh alright, I'll play!

    not blonde, nantucket, girl scout disbanding, ghost town baker...and, crap. Catholic school?

  8. I haven't read your comment responses because I want to give this a go...
    True: 1. 3. 4. 7. 9.
    Tell me tell me tell me...

  9. So... are you going to tell us ? - the only one I know is false definitely is No. 10, oh and hang on, No. 6 too !! x

  10. Well done, old bean, cunning multiple bluff. Us agents must flummox the enemy whenever possibe. Had my suspicions for a while, I mean Arlington florist, baking on the side - its too clever, perfect cover story.

    Really a defected Russian princess, kidnapped by the military at a tender age, (clearly,setting fire to the scout hut and getting expelled were just indications of your fearless nature, honed by the Secret Service Junior section).

    3 marriages - line of duty, old thing.

    Haircolour, nail colour - disguise is all, as you well know, blend blend blend is the mantra.

    Helicopters, chinnooks, its all in the training.

    Military dogs make mistakes, forgive and forget, I say.

    Meet you at 17hrs, Westminster Bridge, I'll have the large dahlia in my lapel. Possibly a sprig of Euc. Trowel and secateurs at the ready if we are tailed.

    Keep up the good work agent, your secret's safe with me. Mums the word, Tootle pip!

  11. I vote for 1, 3, 4 6 and 9. I'm right, surely, aren't I? Mind you, I'm wavering about 7 - it may well be true.

  12. The award is well deserved my pet and whilst I believe all bar 10 are possible I am going with 2,3,4,6 and 7! xx

  13. Okay, trying not to read any comments as I go. My guess is 1, 3, 5, 6 and 9 are true. I'd like to hear the girl scout story - then I'll tell you my story about trying to join the boy scouts (I am as, you know, a girl)!

  14. The following are true: 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9. I now await my grade. !!

  15. Belinda has me so confused, and possibly living in 1948 even I don't know which is true.

    But I'm pretty sure I've been married 3 times, albeit briefly twice. The girl scout story is true and I wish my mother was alive to give her side of it, she was one of the troop leaders. Nantucket, true, wonder who took possession of that cool car, but I didn't then and still don't have a drivers license so it seemed wise to leave it there. Jerome, Arizona, true, and baked in a wood stove, thank you very much, and I had a goat named Luna. Boarding school/ univ expulsions true. I was a wild child. And yes, clever John, I was adopted, but when aggravated with parents would wait for real family ( read royalty here) to come and rescue me from the dishes or lawn mowing or whatever. You guys are good. If Webb had responded she would have picked right up on that flying thing. Thanks for playing along, I've gotten a laugh every time I've checked my comments.
    Did anyone get them all? I have to go back and check.

  16. Quick fact check, Sara Louise got them all right. This was not a set up. She is just willing to believe the craziest of me:)

  17. Sorry for slightly self indulgent comment above! Liked the idea of them all being true so made up ludicrous, CIA/MI6 backstory! Was still half asleep at the time is my excuse!x

  18. I'm just glad I got #4 right, given my impulsive bet.

  19. Well you keep having your hair bloody coloured, it put me off the scent!

    That was a nice game, thank you. I've just recovered from the Boyfriend Disclosure, the nice one who fixes things, and then that was followed by med school husband and now another TWO arrive.

    I need a drink.


    Tea! Tea! I need tea!


  20. My brain can't comprehend this post. I'm sorry, it's because I am a blonde (natural). Or it might have something to do with a late night, or being 2 days late to the party again, and there are too many numbers.

    3 times? 3 bridal bouquets? 3 dresses?

    Details my darling

  21. I won't even attempt to top this list. When are you writing your memoir?

  22. Oh, wait...only 5 are true. I thought they were all true and was quite liking it that way.

  23. I could only really disbelieve no. 10, but I did think I would really like you to live next door, because you would be great fun to have as a neighbour!