Monday, September 27, 2010

After Midnight

First a big thank you all who read and commented on my last post. I was a touch reluctant to write such a personal piece but then I thought what the hell, why am I doing this if not to share my life.

And frankly after one more 94degree day (Saturday) there wasn't much more to talk about. My good friend Gwen gave me a ride home from work and asked to do a garden walk. It was filled with pregnant silences from both of us. Then she sweetly said she had seen it looking better. I know she had, she's a reader of this very blog where only the highlights are shown. But in person, the peach tree afflicted with leaf curl is not an inspiring sight, the weeds, er rather lawn have not been mown in weeks and everything was gasping for water.

The heavens must have seen my blushing face because we've gotten a little rain, and I've tromped around in the wet grass and found a bit of color we may have missed on Saturday.

The chokecherry is full of bright red berries, the pineapple sage is just starting to open and the leaves are worth a rub. The Japanese anemones have survived another desert like summer and the eupatorium rugosum is lighting up a far corner of the berm.

Luckily I'm the queen of denial, so I'm going to continue to enjoy the beautiful garden moments close up, cropped so to speak and until spring the only garden tours I will conduct are right here.
The food's always good though, you're welcome for dinner if you come after dark.


  1. hi jane,

    everything is better in the garden. no matter its condition. thanks for sharing your cropped pictures. i'm impressed/jealous that your friends read your blog.


  2. Close up cropped is the only way to enjoy my garden!Under your influence though the cropping does not have to be quite so harsh. At the moment it is a sea of yellow so I could be featuring lots of daisy chains shortly!
    Not to fussed about the reminder of 90+ weather as we are basking in the mid to high 70's and it is beautiful. Nearly finished the Secret Garden and loving it so thanks. xx

  3. My garden tour would come with a very dark pair of shades! I am all for cropped too!
    Sinead x

  4. See, I knew your garden was not as bad as you said in your comment on my blog. There is definitely still some beauty! My garden is getting tired, too, as am I, of this long hot summer. But we finally got rain last night, and it's still raining now. I very much enjoyed your last post. It can be scary to share that much, but I feel even more connected to you now, and for me, that's why I'm doing this. Karin

  5. Hi Jane,

    I am glad you finally had some rain. I wish I could send some over from Holland. We have more than enough :-)! My garden is not that pretty anymore either. A lot of plants are already dissapearing. However, I am happy to see that the spring bulbs are already showing some little sprigs!!

    Happy start of the new week! Love to come for dinner :-)!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. Janet, It's raining, the garden is looking better by the minute. Some friends do, it's always a shock, you don't expect your nearest and dearest to follow along. but i love it when they do.

    Julienne, Time to see some of your garden pcs maybe? Loved the Guernsey book myself, why do are all these authors dying just when we're reading them? We better not write a book!

    Urban Stems , and a pair of wellies, no?

    Karin, It really is that bad. But there are moments if you know where not to look! Thank you for the connected comment, why else would we be doing this? Namaste.

  7. Fall is not the best time for garden touring; mine looks a little tired!


  8. Everyone in the eastern half of the US gets a pass on fall gardens! Wow, what a scorcher this year. I'm thinking of taking the lawn mower to the entire thing! Well, maybe not. The chrysanthemums seem to be hanging in there and I see a color here and there. Not much rain here yet, but they are now saying we'll get some thru Thursday - hallelujah!

    Keep cropping - your pics are lovely.

  9. A friend who'd never seen my terrace said, But it looks much bigger in pictures! Cropping. Works very time.

  10. I am a big fan of the crop tool, in all parts of life.

    A hurricane has ripped through my garden, a blond 4 legged hurricane, nothing has been left standing. I might turn it into a tennis court instead.

  11. Well I think the garden looks beautiful - enjoy the best bits - ignore the rest !! x

  12. Sue, but you have your house projects to keep us entertained.

    Madelief, too much rain, not enough rain, why are we not in charge of climate control? My spring bulbs showing some green also, thought is was weird, apparently not.

    Webb, I feel less guilty as I read other's comments. it's not me, it's universal. Good.

    Marie, If only we could crop our own and other's expectations!

    Miss P., You might need to string a racket with his innards. Bad, but beautiful dog.

    Semi-Expat, I will try and for sure I will enjoy the loveliness of your English garden.

  13. Heartily wishing you some of our constant grey drizzle, if you would like it?

    Oh, and a question - what is a berm?? I know it's childish and ridiculous but all i can think of is saying in a silly French accent, "Excusez-moi, does my berm look big in theez??!"

  14. I love your garden in ANY state - it's a testament to our constant efforts to 'make beautiful.' The pauses, on my part, were due to something I wanted to discuss - which could/should/did wait - and all's the better for that! Love you, Jane! G.

  15. Belinda, a berm is not a bum, but rather a mounding of dirt ( ours came from under the kitchen when a tiny basement was dug. You must have very silly conversations about your tea table:)

    Gwen, What, what is it? Call me when the party is over or whenever you have a moment. i promise i won't write about it here. xo

  16. Hi Jane! There's a little something for your over in Le Petit Village :-)

  17. Thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind words. I had to go back and read your last post. Keep watering that garden of yours!!! Don't worry too much if something dies it will probably come back and if not it will be an opportunity to try something new!!
    All the best,
    Ingrid xx