Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pork, It's What For Dinner ( And Dinner and Dinner)

I have no idea why I am such a prolific blogger this week. Don't you wish I'd just give it a rest?

But, it's time to talk pork, pork loin to be exact. Marinated on Monday morning in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, shallots, salt, pepper, crushed red peppers and fresh herbs. Roasted Monday night with fingerling potatoes, 450 for 10 minutes, 350 for another 60, thinly sliced and served with a green salad.

Tuesday night, the pork had a starring roll in Cuban Sandwiches. Crusty rolls spread with butter and dijon mustard, more of that thinly sliced pork layered with slices of cheese, ham and pickles. Grilled on the trusty George Foreman grill. I gave the Lab nada, as we say in Cuba, not one bite.

Wednesday, ginger/ garlic fried rice with pork and broccoli. Oh, my. Riffing on a fantastic recipe at SmittenKitchen, I cooked the minced garlic and ginger in a 1/4 cup of oil, after it turned golden brown I removed it from pan and added finely diced onion and carrot to the fragrant oil, cooked them till soft, added previously steamed floretes of broccoli and the leftover pork now cut in small cubes, then 2 cups of cold cooked jasmine rice, I salted and peppered rice then cooked it slowly so a fine crust formed on bottom. I fried 2 eggs in a separate pan, and when whites were firm and yolks still runny, I assembled my dish. Into 2 blue and white bowls went heaping spoonfuls of the rice mixture, these were each sprinkled with 1/2 tsp. of sesame oil and 1 tsp. of soy sauce. Then I topped each with an egg and a scattering of the crunchy garlic/ ginger mix. If any bits of rice fell from my chopsticks, trust me they were gobbled up by that Lab before they hit the floor.

This concludes this weeks unsolicited push for pork and of course more home cooking.


  1. What time are you serving tomorrow night? I'm planning leftovers, but yours are so much better than mine ever thought to be.

    Have gotten nearly 2 inches of rain over the past three days, with 2-3 more promised tonight and tomorrow. How are you doing?

  2. Webb, getting some, not nearly enough but more is promised tomorrow. I believe the word flooding was bandied about. We'll see...Marie got our rain Tuesday.

  3. I think I'll get me some of that tomorrow, lol!


  4. Set an extra plate at the table tonight, I am on my way!!

  5. I don't eat pork but that sure does look good! I think I might try the garlic fried rice by itself though!
    We've had 20 (yes, I said TWENTY) inches of rain since Sunday night, here in Wilmington (NC)! Our 16 inch rain deficit disappeared in a matter of days!

  6. Sue, You do that, you'll be all the happier for it.

    Julienne, Extra plate and food stained book.

    Karin, I usually just make it with the vegetables and ginger/garlic topped with egg. it's so delicate and fresh. Yum.

  7. Prolific is good. We don't always comment, but we're busy yelling, excuse me, calling daintily across the room, "come and look at what flwrjane is doing!" (we find flwrjane difficult to pronounce but we give it a go).

  8. Jane, Just wanted to let you know I tried this recipe (with out the pork) last nite and you are right! It tasted even better than it looked. It was a big hit with the bf and my daughter, who came over for dinner. This one will definitely go into "rotation" at my house! Thanks! karin

  9. Karin, Happy to hear this. Glad somebody is taking the food seriously:)