Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You Say Tomato And I Say Tornado

Was that a tornado? The skies were green.

Now that I've installed a Feedjit on the blog I am blown away ( in a true tornado sense) by the visitors who travel to SmallButCharming from all over the world and locally. So if you're a local reader, let me know, was that a tornado?

And welcome to all of you. I had no idea. It would be cool if we all added our links so we could visit back and forth, but hey, this is only my second day of the feed meter. Maybe we're all too shy.

Anyhoo, tonights dinner (not cooked on the grill needless to say) is so simple but so delicious I have to write about it...

Tada!: our first homegrown tomato, sliced and layered with mozzarella, splashed with olive oil, covered with salt and pepper and strewn with basil. We have waited a year for this moment. It did not disappoint.

Accompanied by a house fave: turkey burgers. A pound or so of turkey breast, a cup of ricotta cheese, a dollop of dijon, a tiny bit of worchestershire sauce, a handful of bread crumbs, 3 chopped scallions and a lavish handful of garden herbs. I grabbed basil and parsley before the rain poured down. Add salt and pepper, mix well with a fork and shape first into a ball and then into a patty. Chill in fridge for an hour or less if you're really hungry.

Grill. In or out. Top with favorite cheese. We used jalapeno jack. Sometimes we serve on a focaccia roll, tonight we grilled bread and rubbed it with garlic and olive oil. That salad plate deserved to be wiped clean.

The storm has passed. Dishes await. Hope you all will be enjoying your first homegrown tomato soon.


  1. Oh my goodness - I am HUNGRY looking at that how amazing and delicious - yum!! And yes, isn't feedjit cool - I love it so much and seeing the little flags pop up too on the right of the visitors .x

  2. hi sarah,

    i'm in southern california, i can only identify earthquakes, sorry.

    i have readers from hanoi!

    i'm so glad those tomoatoes did not disappoint. a cantaloupe did that to me this morning.


  3. sorry, i'm an idiot jane. i know your name really i do!!!

  4. Hi Jane You sound like you are having some awful weather- the food looks great though- We are going to try those burgers tonight! Jx

  5. A visitor waves bashfully from Ireland and begins to feel a little hungry.

  6. Semi Expat, It is cool. Our own bloggers World Cup.

    Renee, Thanks. Come to town. weather's dreadful, but we'll feed you!

    Sue, Thanks for dropping by and introducing yourself. I'm off to check on the progess of your house now.

    Gardeners Cottage, I have visitors from Hanoi too! Oh, they come through you. Your blog has made my world huge!

    Mrs. P., I don't know what's up with this weather. It didn't used to be like this. You will love these burgers. Report back please.

    Mise, I heard a tiny voice asking for "more please" Was that you?

  7. Food looks and smells great! I am such a slow learner I haven't heard of feedjit, what does it do? Is it something that would make me post more often? tee hee!!!!

  8. my favorite salad in the world...

    our tomatoes are still green :-(
    but we got lucky cause the boys next door are gone for the summer and they left us a huge tomato patch...and they are RED !!!!

    making this tonight with turkey meatloaf....

    everything looks great here today...as always

    teddy is right here by my side and says HI !!!

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  9. we grew tomatoes for the first time a few summers ago. it was pretty awesome :)

    xo Alison

  10. I've got to make that salad for supper tonight - what is it about tomato and basil that makes it last-meal-on-earth worthy!?

  11. I seriously need to come over from dinner one night. Seriously

  12. I'm using that recipe, too. Sounds great!

  13. Yum! I haven't made turkey burgers in ages. Yours looks good. I like the addition of ricotta.

    As far as your feed meter goes...you already know me, I'm old news.

    I'm still waiting for a good tomato.

  14. hey you..and YES !!!! Teddy loved the meatloaf

    wish you were here with us for supper

    have a wonderful weekend

    kary and teddy

  15. funny... my niece is on a swimming team called the Tomatoes. Apparently, when they went to order the team shirts, the person who wrote or took the order wrote tomato instead of tornado. so they're called the tomatoes.

  16. Your feedjit says I am from an hour west of my actual city. Thought you'd want to know.