Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home Again

We're back! Back from the beach, back to blogging. Though we dragged the computer 6 hours in the car, 30 minutes on a boat and 20 minutes bumping over boardwalks in a cart to get to the house, there was no internet access. Several people sweetly offered up their wifi but I never seemed to make it to their houses for anything other than dinner, drinks or conversations.

We were forced to spend hours on the beach reading and napping. We walked into town every morning to select something delicious for dinner. We had dance parties on the deck after these dinners and more starlit walks on the beach. No matter how much sunscreen I applied, how many umbrellas I sat under and how much I lived in a hat, I am tanned and my hair is very blonde. I will be in big trouble with my hairdresser.

We left the island at 5:00pm Saturday, shouted out a "Hey Brooklyn" to Denise and Marie as we drove through and arrived home at 11:00. We could have stayed another day, but we missed our garden. We took a flashlight stroll around the grounds and chanted thank you, thank you to the 3 friends and neighbors who watered for us while we were gone. It was 105 degrees here. Everything is alive and healthy except for the cucumber. And that was looking suspiciously diseased before we left.

I am happy to be home. As Joni Mitchell sang, " I miss my clean white linens and my fancy French cologne". And I missed my blogging buddies. I'm off to check in and see what each and everyone of you were up to this week. And how the East Coast girls survived the heat wave.

xoxo Jane



  1. hi jane,

    i'm so sorry you were forced to relax, nap and frolick. that is such a shame. maybe next vacation you can really accomplish something!

    here's hoping you don't.


  2. Sounds like a wonderful vacation but we missed you, too.

    Mitchell and I ventured into DC for two days of World Team Tennis - would have watered your garden if I could have! It was plenty hot, but not - fortunately - hazy and humid, too. by going fully "southern" and stopping in lots of bars, we managed quite well and no one suffered the vapors.

    Welcome home!

  3. welcome home, my friend...

    we are hanging in there...and little Teddy is a dream come true :-)

    full name: Mr. Theodore Edward Bear
    Ted E. Bear
    just so you know :-)

  4. We have missed you.

    The Hound wants an Hermes beach towel.

    I want to come to a dance party on a deck.

    We are also mid heatwave. Can you believe it hasn't rained in England for weeks? People will talk of the summer of 2010 for centuries.

  5. sounds amazing... where did you go? and that food??? ridiculous it looks too good to be true... our holiday was soooo special more on that soon... glad you had a wonderful time... and glad you are back xx

  6. Your food photos always look so good! I need to get a grill in my little garden asap!
    Welcome back <3

  7. It sure is nice to meet you flwrjane. I'm singing Carey here and appreciating your well-paced posts.

  8. Hey Janet, I know such a pity, forced to relax!

    Webb, I'm sorry I missed you, would have loved to meet up. Next time!

    Kary, Thinking of you and your family. Hope your FIL is doing well.

    Miss Pickering, Mi casa is su casa. Even when it isn't truly my casa, you and the hound are always welcome at our dance parties.

    Red Ticking, Fire Island, heaven on earth!

    Sara Louise, You do, then you can have some protein to go with your 3 cheese salads.

    Mise, I'm so glad we met. Looking forward to a long life together!

  9. Those grilled vegetables and sausages look superb and starlit walks on the beach are always nice. But like you, wherever I go, I always love returning home. Enjoy your garden and stay cool.

  10. Yay your back! I love coming home too. Hope your garden survived without you!

  11. Sounds like a perfect getaway - but it is always good to come home.

  12. Welcome home! I have been thinking about the 3 of you this past week, checking the blog for the first signs of life after the July 4 holiday and wondering where/how you are. The food and flowers of Provence make me think of you and I am dutifully noting the recipes for us. Un bisou from Cabris to you, Nika and that German Girl. Love, Tink.

  13. Hey Jane!! Welcome home. I missed you and your flowers, meals, gardens and funny posts.
    Thanks for the shout out! I could have sworn I heard my name being called on Saturday :)