Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot Town

Friday at 5:00pm. My living room window air conditioning unit is struggling to maintain a level of coolness : 83 degrees and breathing heavy. Shade is an illusion. Blinds drawn on the back side of the house are no match for the sunlight streaming through. The dog is collapsed in a heap on the living room floor. While she sleeps I have a fan blowing on her. It appears to be a dreamless sleep. And the cat is on the front stoop in such a heat induced coma I can't coax her to come into the house. And nobody, but nobody, picks that cat up.

Are you feeling it? Or am I preaching to the choir? Is this what your town/ city/ beach house/monastery feels like? Do tell.

Oh, and we had an earthquake this morning, at 5:00am. 3.5 on the Richter. We all slept through it.

Now I'm off to a cool bath and the smallest dress I own. We're invited to dinner at a centrally airconditioned house and are expected to arrive feeling pretty and witty and gay.

I hope to manage one out of three.


  1. hi jane,

    you are so fun. i bet you will manage all 3 w/o a care in the world.

    it's bloody hot here too. and very humid, something we are not used to.

    it's gonna be grilled veggies and sparkling water for dinner tonight.


  2. Janet, I wish we were coming to your house. Our host is a Brit and 3 weeks ago we had lamb and roast potatoes with mint jelly in similar heat. i ate lightly!

  3. I know you'll think I'm crazy, but here in cool summer San Francisco, your cat coma inducing heat sounds kind of attractive. Yes, I am crazy. It is true. Enjoy your party. Have a drink for me. I had one too many at lunch, so you'll have to drink for me this eve.

  4. Going to the roof now to drink something cold, enjoy the clammy heat (ICK) and pick tomatoes for some buffmozz.

  5. It's hot here too, but we're lucky, we have a/c. I feel for you furry friends!


  6. You describe that lacklustre feeling associated with too much heat so well, I was almost wilting. We had that recently, though this week has been blessedly cool, and the last couple of days, damp, which was MUCH appreciated. It is set to rise to 28 degrees again by next Thursday, and betcha that's when my hospital appointment will come through and I will be forced to sit in an overheated, overcrowded waiting room. Heavens, I am getting panicky at the very thought.

  7. If your hosts are British be assured of this fact: if they didn't have state-of-the-art aircon, they would be lying on the floor howling for a cold day in Yorkshire!! As a Brit I know this is true!

  8. it is disgustingly HOT here in florida.
    the only place for me
    when i am not working
    is on a float in the pool.

    keep cool.
    ummmm....a cool tub would work too.


  9. would laugh hysterically and maybe fall into a deep coma from shock at what we call a hot day in Ireland!! No air con required here my hot fuzzy friends!! Some benefits to our climate...lovely flowers in the garden!

  10. Your strumming my tune too. Houston is always hot (& sticky). It was 100F yesterday & I've decided after spending my third summer here to try to psyche myself out. Is it working..hell no! Your blog is great, found you through Renee Finberg! Hope you mastered one of the three?!

    ( : deb

  11. Mitchell and I were thinking of retiring in a few years a bit farther south - especially after last winter. (I still have nightmares of snow to the window sills!) But after this summer Prince Edward Island is looking good. Still mid and upper 90's everyday. Got 1.5 inches of rain last week from storms, but have to water every couple of days. Shades have been down for three weeks, plus. Aargh!

  12. Golly hot-dogs and earthquakes, nothing that exciting has happened here since I burnt the toast and set the smoke alarm off at sparrows!

    We are expecting some seriuos heat next week, I will keep you posted.

    Thanks for your lovely comments Jane,

    Sarah x