Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home Alone

Well , we got German girl packed up and packed off, to Germany actually. I didn't go for several reasons, pick any one: no money, I let my passport expire, I'm a claustrophobic flier and always upgrade (review no money) and I'm in the middle of a house refinance . That's enough reasons right? Though, I was informed, you could upgrade to business for only $98.00 at the airport. Damn.

So I'll probably be flooding the computer with meaningless posts, though I expect the level of food intensity will plummet. There will be no grilling for 8 days. Double damn. I'll have to head over to 66Square Feet and review Marie's older posts under " Food For Me".

I have a stack of books, a dog and cat for company and friends who keep earnestly telling me "Call if you need anything". Like money? Like my passport to arrive in the mail, now? Like all the papers faxed to the underwriter?

There's lemon syrup chilling in the refrigerator, clean linens on the bed, chicken to cook for chicken salad maybe? And tho' hotter than hell outside it's not humid . I have a freshly made iced latte in hand and am about to embark on a leisurely watering tour.

I'll be back soon, this is only meaningless post #1.

P.S. Meals for Me can be found at the original 66 Square Foot blog. Sorry Marie.


  1. Why no grilling? It's such...extravagance, I think, to grill for one.

    You'll find Meals for Me at the regular blog :-)

    What is the second flower?

    $98. Seriously???

  2. Marie, Seriously. 98. Grrrr.

    it's a blackberry lily. First year it's ever bloomed. I'm so excited. And then it gets a really cool pod.

  3. Chilled (not iced) green tea. For the polyphenols. And linguine con vongole! A black bean-cilantro salad mix waits in the wings for tomorrow's lunch. My passport app submitted the day before rates went up. Life is wonderful!

  4. The blackberry lily is gorgeous! I'm with Marie - grill! You can justify it by keeping the house cooler. German Girl would want you to economize that way. Be sure to open a good bottle of wine, too.

    We're here if you need us.

  5. Your story is my story. Just renewing my passport in hopes of actually using it soon. That is if I have any money left after sending last child off to college. I'll be lucky to be able to buy boxed mac & cheese. I adore your meaningless posts, your humor is infectious. Keep them coming! Hope you ate that chicken salad & enjoyed that iced latte? Happy new week new friend. x deb

  6. You aren't alone... you have us!!!

  7. What fun. Very much looking forward to meaningless post number 2.

    Your passport probably arrived last week, check with the lab.....

  8. meaningless posts can be so so lovely. keep 'em coming!


    xo Alison