Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meaningless Post #2.

I've been itching to write that.

2 and 1/2 days home alone. The Lab is sad and thinks she deserves more treats. Thank God she doesn't have a credit card.

I'm back on the bus for the week. When did they change the schedule and the route? Comes later, takes longer. This is not gonna work for me.

Too hot to cook. Last night's dinner as pictured. I ate the first ripe Green Zebra tomato and a Big Beef , sliced on toasted bread with salt, pepper, basil and mozzarella and olive oil. It was so delicious I might have to do it again tonight. Do I need more? Cherries to finish last night and watermelon tonight.

I urge you all to continue posting. The more of you I have to read, the less you'll hear from me.

One more thing, not to be the new nerd on the block, but I continue to be thrilled by the feed meter. Moscow! Hanoi! Portugal! Washington, D.C.! Maputo! Fairfax!

Welcome to each and every reader, old and new, and please leave a comment sometime, I'd like to visit you too.
xoxo Jane


  1. But if you don't post, then I have one less gardening blog to read!

  2. uh-oh, sounds like a blue household waiting for German girl to come home.
    I'm in awe of your tomatoes - the one thing, well, one of the few things is more honest a statement, that I can't grow.

  3. It's not too hot here. I just set some pizza dough to rise. I was planning on zucchini and corn as base ingredients, but I could easily use your tomatoes and mozzarella. Too bad we aren't neighbors.

  4. Kare, Try and stop me!

    Missing Goat, If it's any consolation I had about 4 blueberries this year. Maybe I have planted the wrong bush?

    Denise, How much would I love that! I could be eating some almond granita right now!

  5. Jane ~ Love the food pics cheers : ) ~ Robyn

  6. oh my, those tomatoes... and paired with some mozz and basil? that's my favorite summer treat, one i haven't had yet this year! i just want to snuggle your dog up!

  7. The simplest meals, often thrown together at the last minute, and especially when using your own garden produce, are often the best meals. Looks scrummy.... from Maggie in Norfolk, England, owner of blog called
    if you want to drop by for morning tea!

  8. that looks like a perfect meal for a hot day!

  9. Those tomatoes look scrumptious! And give the lab your credit card, Fifty has one... (joking of course) xo

  10. Matupo

    Ahem...would that be Maputo (sorry, it's near my southern hemisphere hood)? I love the gadget, too. It's why I don't have a TV.

    So, I we stop posting, you'll post more???

  11. Tumbleweed Woman, Finally someone mentions the pup. Sweetest saddest critter ever. Right?

    Maggie, Always ready for a cuppa with you. you're such a serious poster I might need some coffee first!

    Laura, Your salad might be served soon.

    Robyn, Thanks for the shout out. Want to go on vaca with you next time.

    Sara Louise, Since she didn't get the card she ate the roommate's turkey jerkey. Guess I'll be using my own card to replace it.

    Marie, Yes, I stand corrected. I had to google it to find out where it was. Actually I was reading Vince's blog and saw his feed meter and thought why not? He's always a rewarding read one way or the other!