Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#3 ( Disclaimer: These Are Not My Poppies)

Here I am again. I was going to wait until tomorrow to post, but then I thought who am I kidding? Just did shopping and dinner with a girlfriend. She's off to England next week for her engagement party at her future MIL"s house. Another woman with a current passport and 3 new pairs of shoes. German girl got 2 pairs before she left. I need to travel more. Travel= new shoes.

I'm doing my traveling online this week. I have a crush on a new blog I just started reading, and the British author Belinda just started writing, Wild Acre. Not only did she start a blog, but she has started a cutting garden by the old black barn she lives in. She's making bouquets and selling them to nearby stores. They're lovely. She had me at poppies, post after post of incredible poppies. I might have to go and steal a picture for this post, then you'll all want to run over and visit. Every florist I know would love to get their hands on these babies.

I've lifted the lovelies, now I must go leave a note.

Thanks to all who have been keeping me company this week both in A-town and in cybertown.

xo Jane


  1. I wish I could grow the darn things! Have tried and tried and tried some more with NO results. This spring I managed one in a pot for a couple of weeks, until a critter dug it up for dinner. Even then I only got three blooms and they were nothing like this. Think I'll follow you over there and look at hers!

  2. Beautiful poppy photos... Hope you are not too lonely without German girl - will she bring you some shoes maybe??!! Sorry, have been away from blogging and commenting for a while.. - back now. Love your posts always. x

  3. I am slightly closer i shall nip over and swipe some for you.

    Today we are listening to Alicia Keys.

    I think you should buy some shoes.

  4. Webb, I knew you could be counted on to welcome the new girl in school. We need to move to a friendlier climate.

    Semi Expat, No. she'll German gummy bears and then eat them all. Maybe dome decorating mags. I love those in any language.

    Miss Pickering, You are superwoman. Yes, you are. Yes we are.

  5. hi jane,

    i'm back and very talkative!

    just kidding, but i love these poppies. i will go visit her blog and tell her you sent me. i think that's the kindest thing to do today.

    sorry your are missing german girl. remember that thing about absence.


  6. Those are some incredible poppies; one of my (many) favorites!! We're working on plans for the Mexico trip, now it seems I have to get shoes...

  7. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for your sweet welcome! It brought a smile on my face :-)!

    Your poppies are lovely. I haven't seen that variety in Holland. I have Patty's Plum in my garden, but unfortunately it did not do very well this year and during our holiday it dissapeared altogether.

    I am going to have a look Belinda's blog!

    Happy day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  8. I really am glad you introduced me to Wild Acre - would give a lot to look like that now. I do have pictures from other years...... sigh! Sorry you are in similar straits, but feel a lot of solidarity. And, I was considering retirement in the deep South - not!!

  9. Gardeners Cottage, Yay! you're back and talking.
    Now i shall do sometging kind today too.

    Gwen I know you love the poppies. i didn't know about Mexico tho. Details please.

    Madelif, Where have all the poppies gone? Oh, to be in England....

    Webb, I knew you would love her garden and her enterprise.

  10. Hi there Jane! Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm always a little shy about posting comments, but I was actually just taking a peek at your lovely blog a couple days ago (what a charming garden you have!!!). I also found it via Wild Acre. Yet another reason why I, too, have a crush on that blog.

    Anyways, it is a pleasure to meet you! I'm looking forward to enjoying more of your beautiful posts.

  11. Hola Jane, nice visiting you again, seen the sandwiches you have made and gave me a good idea for a fast and easy helthy cooking. This poppy is so lovely, I will go to meet the girl.
    Many hugs,
    maria cecilia

  12. Lovely people, so glad the poppies please!!! Ridiculously glad you have enjoyed my ramblings at Wildacre, this blogging world is v new to me, so your comments are really welcome!x ps hoping you are not all secretly my mum!!