Friday, July 23, 2010

Some Like It Hot

This would not be me, nor the Lab. Good reason why I haven't published any food porn , as a coworker calls it, this week.
Too hot to turn on a stove. But I have a craving for some carbs so I'm cooking up a little fusilli and will toss it with some garden tomatoes, basil, salt, pepper, olive oil, crushed red pepper and mozzarella cheese.

While the water boils ( I shudder even as I write the word boil) I'm out in the garden picking basil and admiring the few plants that are thriving in this heat.

The limelight hydrangea is just beginning to open and and already living up to its name. I have succulents everywhere, in the window boxes, in pots and in hard to water corners of the garden. All beauty, no maintenance, like us, no? Agastache, verbena bonariensis, African foxglove, nicotiana , everyone happy as clams.

Our next door neighbor is also gone this week so I am the water bearer for two gardens. As I believe blogging can be a synonym for procrastination, I'll be off to do my best imitation of an Aquarian
Even though I'm actually a Virgo.


  1. hi jane,

    everything looks beautiful!

    time for some cold, raw, white gazpacho. you will love it!


  2. I would totally love it and I know just where to find a recipe!

    I'll be by to get it. xo Jane

  3. I adore that hydrangea, i am doing a large christening tomorrow, and it is just the thing i need to lift the arrangements, could you spare 120 stems?

    It has been much cooler here, and we have even had rain. An English summer at last.

  4. Is the hydrangea a climber? The only green one I have ever seen was a climber, but the shape was a bit longer. I just love the colour and can only save you pic to glance at occasionally as they can't stand our heat here. Have planted 12 now and lost 12 can't do it again as I feel it is a bit like sealing their fate...unpleasantly!!!!

  5. Miss Pickering, Rain is just a dream to me now.. i probably have 120 stems, but no passport!

    Julienne, it's not a climber, it's a BIG shrub. I'll try to show it in all it's glory when it gets there. i have a climber, and climb it does, it just forgets to blossom.

  6. I love the summer time improvised pasta/tomato combination too. Quick, delish, and easy. This heat is unbearable, 103 forecasted for today. I am staying inside, imagining crisp fall days.

  7. The spotlight is spot on! So cool looking I want to dive into it and spend the day. May have to find a BIG spot and add one. There will probably be lots of choices after this awful summer. Nothing totally dead yet, but a lot of hangin' in going on! Hope for wide-spread rain.

  8. That hydrangea is beautiful. Hope things cool down for you soon :)

  9. Hi Jane,

    I hope it is a bit cooler in the US by now! We had some hot days overhere as well, but probably not as hot as with you. Your fusili salade sounds lovely!

    Good luck with watering the plants!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  10. Ugh, Virginia heat is killing me too! I've got some blackeyed susans, and that's about it... I heart your hydrangea, I might have to find a couple of those this fall.

  11. Maybe you should try fresh versus dry pasta. It will cut your boiling time from 8-10 minutes to 2-3, or use dry capellini (I think my brand cooks in 3 min). I'm sure every minute without water boiling will be an improvement.

  12. I've resorted to trying out succulents in a dry sunny spot in our front garden where nothing else seems to grow. They are so easy to grow and keep sprouting babies everywhere!!! Amazingly we've had a hot sunny summer here in the UK too.

  13. God, the HEAT..! I swear I've been having the summer blues. I get so down when I can't go for a walk and clear my head... Sigh.