Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Major Event

It is with a full heart that I report we have just had a comment from our very favorite and sorely missed neighbor, the Major.

We met 3 years ago on a cold spring day. GG was in Connecticut visiting her father and I was bundled into an unusual assortment of clothes working in the garden. The house across the street was for sale and a man had gotten out to take a look, he asked me if I knew anything about the house. Did I? A 1/2 hour of animated chatter later I told him to buy the house. He did and returned to take possession in June. It's been that easy between us ever since.

He retired from the Marines and has been in Afghanistan for 6 months working as a contractor. We want him home and according to his comment this will happen in 55 days and a wake up call.

I think he's in it for the food, so I'm posting a few pics of dinner from the other night. A grilled chicken in a Thai marinade served with a salad and grilled tortillas ( we are very cross cultural here). I found this recipe on a post by How To Cook A Wolf. I use my Quick And Easy Thai cookbook frequently but had never tried this dish. The dipping sauce that accompanied it was sticky, sweet and spicy perfection

Now that I know he's found the blog I'm going to pepper my posts with more and more enticing dishes till we get him back home.

We love you buddy, the 925 just isn't the same. You keep looking at the food pictures and we'll keep a watch on the house and the days till you're back where you belong, with us!


  1. oh my my my that looks so tempting..

  2. That looks very a very tempting dish flwerjane! My daughter was just looking over my shoulder when I was reading your blog and has requested that we make it too so I am off to check out the recipe... hopefully your neighbour will be back in no time! x
    Semi Expat

  3. hi jane,

    i just left that anon comment b/c i've been unable to post a comment here.

    i'll try again.

    i think you are one of the sweetest people alive. and don't argue with me on that.

    i rarely (meaning never) make comments on posts with meat. say what you will but i'm passionate about animal rights. but this post is so darn sweet how could i not. i wish i were your neighbor, can you imagine the food!


  4. Angelina, Thank you. Try it, I guarantee deliciousness. Loved your blog.

    Sarah, Let me know how you and your daughter like it.

    Alison, Think how delicious it would look if you photographed it!

    Janet, I have felt this so I am truly graced by your comment. Sometimes I hesitate to put up a meaty meal because I do respect your feelings. We only buy our meat and poultry from Whole Foods or local farmers who raise organically.
    We would have delicious meals together, and I's probably save a lot of $$$. xo Jane

  5. And WE get to benefit from the extra recipes - right? I love the look of this - thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh, Man. When you said How to Cook a Wolf, I thought you meant MFK Fisher's book. And I thought, Huh, I don't remember that in her WWII era recipes :-)

    Oh, and, Major, Sir? We're jealous.

  7. A good neighbor indeed. Here's to his safe and speedy return.